White Knight


(created by Orion Ussner Kidder)


Full Name: Jesse McGovern

Appearance: Out of armour, Jesse is the embodiment of the cliché of a Neo-Nazi skinhead: 6’2″, muscles on top of his muscles, a patchwork of tattoos that combine various types of swastikas and other imagery that he thinks represents the Third Reich. He consistently wears a self-righteous expression that is simultaneously scowl and sneer.

In his power armour, White Knight looks like an idealised vision of a medieval chevalier, the kind of imagery only available in children’s books or historically inaccurate films. His armour is painted to resemble a Crusader’s tabard, with white tunic and red cross on the chest.

Personality/History: Jesse grew up exceedingly poor in Alabama and was rased in racism from an early age. He was taught to blame his inability to find a girlfriend on gay people, his poverty on liberal governments, lack of what he perceives as appropriate political leadership on Muslims (whom he spuriously believes are a race), and everything else on a dimly-conceived cabal of Jews, African-Americans and assorted “foreigners.” In fact, he thinks that anyone who is not White is a “foreigner” and that anyone who is not a Neo-Nazi is a “traitor.” He unproblematically equates being White with being American and being a racist. In his teens, Jesse gravitated to the Neo-Nazi movement. His killer instinct was noticed by one of the wealthier leaders of his local group, one David Miller, and that man gave Jesse the White Knight armour. Miller continues to be Jesse’s patron, although he has displayed little ability or desire to actually control him. Jesse has spent a significant amount of his adult life in jail, but thus far, Miller has managed to use the White Knight armour to break him out. The two remain at large, hiding in the homes of various Neo-Nazi sympathisers around the US and occasionally in Canada.

Location: Alabama, USA

Power Theme: Jesse’s powers are all built into his White Knight armour, which is built around the theme of a mediaeval knight, complete with sword and shield. Even without the armour, however, Jesse’s most powerful offensive weapon is his pathological (and highly illogical) hatred of anything that does not conform to his exceedingly narrow definition of “normal.”

Combat/Tactics: Jesse has very little sense of strategy, but makes up for it in ferocity. He dives straight for his target and commits as much grievous bodily harm as he can until that target drops, at which point he moves to the next target. Working in this way, Jesse can do a great deal of damage before police or superheroes arrive and attempt to subdue him. At that point, he starts attacking them. 


Class Warrior 10
Species Human (barely)
Ethnicity Not as White as he thinks he is
Nationality American
ECL 10 (10 levels + 99cp)
Hit Dice 10d10 (85HPs, Boosted 135HPs)
Mass. Damage 50HPs
Initiative +3, Boosted +7
Speed 30 ft.
Defence  21 (Class +7, Dex +5, Size -1)
Flat-Footed: 16, Touch: 14
Power Armour 37 (Class +7, Dex +5, Size -1, Armoured +8, Shield +7); Flat-Footed: 32, Touch: 22
Knockback 24 (Boosted 29)
Base Attack +10 / +5; Mêlée: +13/+8, Ranged: +11/+7
Boosted: Mêlée: +18/+13, Ranged: +16/+12
Unarmed Strike +13/+8 (1d3 +4)
Medium Pistol +12/+7 (2d6 +2)
In Armour
Unarmed Strike +13/+8 (1d3 +4); Boosted +18/+13 (1d3 +9, super)
Greatsword over-sized, +16/+11 (3d6 +4); Boosted +21/+16 (3d6 +12, super)
Shield Bash over-sized, +13/+8 (1d6 +4); Boosted: +18/+11 (1d6 +9, super)
Special Attacks Knockback: +4 to provoke
Ability Scores Str 18 +4, Dex 14 +2, Con 16 +3, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 12 +1
Boosted: Str 28 +9, Dex 24 +7, Con 26 +8
Size/Reach Large / 10 ft.
Allegiance David Miller/American Neo-Nazi Movement
Saves  Fort +10, Ref +7, Will +3
Boosted: Fort +15, Ref +12, Will +3
Action Points 10AP
Reputation +5
Occupation Criminal
Skills 52
Climb +9 (rnk 5) Boosted +14, Escape Artist +12 (rnk 10) Boosted +17, Gather Info +15 (rnk 10), Intimidate +11 (rnk 10), Kn:  Philosophy (Nazism)  +5 (rnk 5), Repair +10 (rnk 10), Use  Rope  +4 (bindings +2) (rnk 2) Boosted +9
Feats Armour Focus (Armour Specialisation), Brawl, Cleave, Blind Fight, Endurance (Diehard) Improved Critical Range (Damage), Power Attack (Improved Knockback), Improved Shield Bash, Weapon Focus: Supertech Sword (Weapon Specialisation, Greater Focus)
Proficiencies Armour, Shields, Firearms, Weapons (mêlée, ranged, improvised)
Power Die 10d6 (34)
Origin Supertech
Powers 87cp
Power Armour Armoured rnk 2, Large-Sized, 50HPs 55cp
Ability Boost Power Armour, Belt, rnk 20 (+20)
Flight Power Armour, Boots, Flight Speed rnk 4, Flight Skill “good”
Esoteric Item Sword, Supertech +8, Energy (+1), Retractible (+1) 16cp
Esoteric Item Shield, Supertech +9, Retractible (+1) 16cp
Special Abilities Bonus Feats x10, Natural Aptitude +4, Cross-Trained (Knowledge theology/philosophy, Escape Artist), Armsmaster
Equipment Medium Pistol (2d6, 30 ft., P2 Magazine)
Power Armour Armour +6, Check Penalty -3, Max Dex +6, Large-Sized (Attack -1, Defence -1, Grapple +4, Stealth -4, 12-ft. tall)
Greatsword sized for Large wielder, 3d6 19-20/x2 (+8 supertech), Energy Weapon (electricity), Retractible (extends from right gauntlet)
Heavy Shield sized for Large wielder, Shield Bonus +2 (+9 supertech), Retractible (unfurls from left forearm)
Wealth 9
Comps Favours Owed rnk 3 (David Miller) +9cp


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