Verbal Riposte

[Tongue-In-Cheek] [Verbal]

You can cut witty folks down to size.

Prerequisite:  Charisma 15, One-Liner

Benefit: If and when an opponent uses a verbal feat (Battle Cry, One-Liner, Technobabble, Mumbo-Jumbo, or New-Age Nonsense) you can attempt to ad-lib a witty retort to cancels the effect. You must make an opposed Diplomacy test with your opponent, and of course you must actually come up with something witty to say. GMs are encouraged to grant circumstance modifiers for particularly witty remarks. Using Verbal Riposte requires an immediate action, which means you can use it during someone else’s round. You can also use Verbal Riposte on a Verbal Riposte, in which case you can cancel the attempt to cancel your effect. You get only 1 immediate action per round, so you can counter a Verbal Riposte only once.

Example : Razor Shark attempts to use his Battle Cry, “I’m gonna eat ya!” on a group of heroes, which would normally imbue a Bogus penalty -2 on them, but the Glib Gladiator uses Verbal Riposte, “It’ll be hard to eat once we’ve knocked out your teeth!” Shark and Gladiator roll opposed Diplomacy tests and Gladiator wins, which would cancel the Battle Cry’s effects, but Shark returns with another Verbal Riposte, “Sharks have three rows of teeth!” and negates the Gladiator’s attempt to cancel the Battle Cry’s effect. The hero takes a -2 Bogus penalty.

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