Cost: special (see below)

You have a vehicle. You can pick any one of the Generic Vehicles (motorcycle, car, truck, or van/bus), and the base cost of the Ad equals the total cost of the vehicle—including templates, options, and mods—divided by 5 (rounded up):

PDC / 5 = Super Vehicle Base Cost

At your discretion, the vehicle can be decorated to match your superheroic identity (“The Flame Van,” “The Ratcycle,” or “Comet, the Wonder Wagon”), and while it is bound to the stats of whichever generic vehicle you chose, it does not have to resemble an actual, manufactured automobile. It can be shaped like anything you want, from a futuristic supercar to a steampunk jalopy. It is a conventional machine, however, not supertech.

You can effectively give your Super Vehicle powers by using the Vehicle-Mounted Gadget enhancement, you can install them into the vehicle’s pre-existing Item Slots.

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