Vehicle Item Slots

Vehicles have a limited, although large, number of places that they can have items. These items can be of any origin, and they can include Gadgets.

Cars, Trucks, and Vans (13 total):

  • ramplate or bumpers (set of two)
  • steering wheel
  • coat of paint
  • tires (four tires count as one item; extra sets of two tires count as a single additional item where applicable)
  • headlights (both as one item)
  • horn or siren
  • storage space (glove compartment, trunk, flat bed, etc.)
  • non-electronic accessory (on mirror or dashboard, etc.)
  • seat or set of seats (two rows of seats count as one item, extra rows of full seats count as a single additional item each, where applicable; City Busses have one driver’s seat slot and two passenger seat slots total)
  • windows (windshield and side windows)
  • engine or engine accessory
  • 2 electronic accessories (stereo, GPS, theft alarm, etc.)


Motorcycles (9 total):

  • handlebars
  • tires (both)
  • headlight
  • horn or siren
  • storage space
  • saddle
  • engine or engine accessory
  • helmet (only when worn while riding)
  • electronic accessory (GPS, theft alarm, etc.)
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