Two-Weapon Fighting


You are skilled at fighting with more than one weapon

Prerequisite: Dex 15

Benefit: This feat reduces your attack penalties for fighting with double-weapons or more than one weapon. With this feat, the penalties are -4 to both hands (primary and off-hand). It reduces your penalties to -2 on both hands if your off-hand weapon is “light.” This feat applies equally to mêlée and thrown weapons but not projectile weapons (bows, firearms, etc.).

Special: You can take this feat multiple times if you have more than two limbs. Each time, it applies to a new off-hand limb (e.g., if you have four arms, you can apply this feat to all three of your off-hands).

Normal : Two-Weapon Fighting applies a penalty of -6 to the primary hand and -10 to the off-hand, or -4 and -8 if the off-hand weapon is “light.”

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