Turn Undead [power]

Cost: 5CP
Activate: 1PP; use-activated (attack)
Range: 60 feet

You have the ability to repel or even destroy undead creatures by channelling positive energy into an offensive attack. turn closest turnable undead first, and you can’t turn undead that more than 60 feet away or that have total cover relative to . You don’t need line of to a target, but you do need a line of effect, a straight, unblocked path between yourself and your target(s).

First, roll a turning check to see how powerful an undead creature you can turn. This is a Charisma check (1d20 + your Charisma modifier). The table, below, gives you the hit dice of the most powerful undead you can affect, relative to your character level. On a given turning attempt, you can turn no undead creature whose Hit Dice exceed the result on this table.

If your turning check is high enough to let you turn at least some of the undead within 60 feet, roll 2d6 + your CL + your Charisma modifier for turning damage. That’s how many total hit dice of undead you can turn.

If your Charisma score is average or low, it’s possible (but unusual) to roll fewer Hit Dice of undead turned than indicated on your turning check. For instance, at 1st level with an average Charisma score, you could get a turning check result of 19 (your level +3, or 4 HD), which is enough to turn a wight, but then roll only 3 on his turning damage roll―not enough to turn that wight after all.

You can skip over already turned undead that are still within range, so that you do not waste your turning capacity on them.

Turned undead flee from you by the best and fastest means available to them. They flee for 10 rounds (1 minute). If they cannot flee, they cower (giving any attack rolls against them a +2 bonus). If you approach within 10 feet of them, however, they overcome being turned and act normally. (You can stand within 10 feet without breaking the turning effect―you just can’t approach them.) You can attack them with ranged attacks (from at least 10 feet away), and others can attack them in any fashion, without breaking the turning effect.

Turning Check Result Max HD of Undead Affected
0 or lower your level -4
1 – 3 your level -3
4 – 6 your level -2
7 – 9 your level -1
10 – 12 your level
13 – 15 your level +1
16 – 18 your level +2
19 – 21 your level +3
22 or higher your level +4


Enhancement: Extended Duration
Cost: 3CP per 5 rounds

Extend the duration of your Turning effect by 5 rounds for each rank in this enhancement. You can take this up to 5 times, for a maximum duration of 30 rounds (3 minutes).


Enhancement: Extended Range
Cost: 2CP per 30 feet

Increase the range at which you can Turn by 30 feet for each rank in this enhancement, to a maximum of three ranks, which grants a range of 150 feet.


Enhancement: Enhanced Turning
Cost: 2CP per rank (enhancement bonus +2 to Charisma)

Each rank in this enhancement grants you an enhancement bonus +2 on your Charisma check to see how powerful an undead you can turn. You can take this up to three times, for a maximum bonus of +6.


Enhancement: Increased Turning
Cost: 3CP per rank (1d6 Turning Damage)

Increase your Turning Damage by 1d6 for each rank in this enhancement. You can take this up to three times, for a maximum damage of 5d6 + your CL + your Charisma modifier.


Enhancement: Rebuke Undead
Cost: 3CP

You channel negative energy rather than positive energy, allowing you to rebuke or even control undead, rather than turning them. If you take this enhancement, you can no longer turn undead normally. It permanently changes the way you channel life energy. Instead of Turning undead, you now Rebuke them. Instead of destroying them, you can now Command them. A rebuked undead creature cowers as if in awe (attack rolls against the creature get a +2 bonus) but does not flee. This effect lasts 10 rounds. A commanded undead creature is under your mental control. You must take a standard action to deliver mental orders to undead that you command. At any one time, you can command a number of undead that, collectively, are equal to or less than your own CL. You can relinquish command on any commanded undead creature or creatures in order to command new ones. All other enhancements affect Rebuking Undead normally. Rebuking Undead is always an evil act, for game purposes.

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