(Dex, Trained Only, Equipment Penalty)

Check: You can land softly when you fall, tumble past opponents in combat, or tumble through opponents.

Land Softly (DC 15): Treat any fall as if it were 10 feet shorter when you determine damage.

Tumble past Opponents (DC 15): You can weave, dodge, and roll up to 20 feet through squares adjacent to opponents, risking no attacks of opportunity. Failure means you move as planned but provoke attacks of opportunity as normal.

Tumble through Opponents (DC 25): You can roll, jump, or dive through squares occupied by opponents, moving over, under, or around them as if they weren’t there. Failure means you move as planned but provoke attacks of opportunity as normal.

Fast Fall (DC varies): You can assume an aerodynamic position, as if you were diving, and thus increase your falling speed. The exact increase depends on how fast you’re already falling. The DC starts at 12 for +40 ft., and for every additional +2, add another +40 ft. The maximum you can increase your speed is to double it (i.e., DC 20), and note that your falling speed doubles every round (because of physics), so the increase doubles as well: 

    • Round 1: +40 ft. per +2
    • Round 2: +80 ft. per +2
    • Round 3: +120 ft. per +2
    • Round 4: +160 ft. per +2
    • Round 5: +200 ft. per +2

Slow Fall: You can assume an anti-aerodynamic position, like a belly flop, and thus decrease your falling speed; DC 12 for -40 ft, and DC 14 for -80 ft.. You cannot decrease your speed more than 80 ft. because gravity don’t work like that.

Try Again?: No.

Special: If you have 5 or more ranks in Tumble, you get a dodge bonus +3 to Defence (instead of the normal +2) when you fight defensively, and a dodge bonus +6 (instead of the normal +4) when you are in total defence.

You can take 10 when you make a Tumble check, but can’t take 20. Obviously, you can’t Take 10 in combat because it would require ten rounds.

Time: You can try to reduce damage from a fall as a free action once per fall. You can attempt to tumble around or through opponents as part of a move action.

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