Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People are big-headed telepaths. They are usually either from the future or a genetic anticipation of a possible evolutionary path. They can also be straight-up mutants.

Type: Humanoid.

Physical Description: Tomorrow People are shorter in stature than the average human, but make up for it by having big, giant heads, which puts them at about the human average. Their heads really are huge, like beach balls.

Size: Medium.

Height/Weight: Tomorrow People average about the same height as humans, but their bodies are about two-thirds the size of a human’s, while their heads are several times larger.

Speed: 20 ft. (their big, giant heads hinder them)

Ability Scores: Tomorrow People are immensely intelligent and insightful, but also sickly and weak.

  • Strength8
  • Constitution -8
  • Intelligence +8
  • Wisdom +8

Starting Occupation: Tomorrow People are not limited in their Occupations, but they are incapable of doing anything that requires physical exertion. Have we mentioned the giant heads?

Amazing Diplomacy: +10 to Diplomacy

Telekinesis: Base Power, enhancements: Mental Muscle, Extra Hands x2, Increased Range x2.

Telepathy: Base Power, enhancements: Listen In, Short-Term Reading, Long-Term Reading, Telepathic Influence (x3)  

Skills: Tomorrow people can make Knowledge checks in any field, even if they have no ranks in the specific skill. Their memories and powers of observation are so strong that they don’t need to “study” things to know about them.

Level Adjustment: +4

CP Cost: 40 CP

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