Titan Omega


(created by Charlie Dunn

Full Name: Major Ted Nelson, USAF

Appearance: In human form, Ted Nelson had dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin. He was a lean, wiry man. Since his transformation, however, he grew to nearly 8-feet tall and he lost all his wiriness in exchange for sheer bulk. His body is also now sheathed in pure, white light, with a yellow-and-red sunburst on his chest (Amazing Costume).

Personality/History: Air Force Major Theodore Nelson was exactly where he wanted to be: alone in a space capsule getting ready to be the first man to perform a high orbit over the earth. But unseen and unknown gravitational fields cast his Mercury pod far off the planned trajectory. He veered off course and with little power to correct it, Major Nelson watched helplessly as the Earth got smaller and the Moon grew larger in his porthole. His fears of a slow death followed by a sudden stop were interrupted by a solar flare which washed over the Moon and Major Nelson’s poorly protected Mercury capsule. It was destroyed instantly, but Major Nelson was infused with the power of the Sun. Blown back, he slammed into the Moon’s surface and slept.

Meanwhile, the very same gravitational disturbance that cast Major Nelson’s mission astray began to enter Earth’s atmosphere: an alien spacecraft. Though invisible, its super-sonic wake alerted the American Air Force, which ordered troops and planes to converge at the ship’s landing site. Upon spotting them, the alien ship opened fire with its advanced weapons, but it was ultimately outgunned and outnumbered. That lone scout never managed to report to its masters, but Air Force intelligence did discover that this ship was only the first of many.

Major Nelson awoke deep in a crater on the far side of the moon, his body infused with raw solar power. With little effort, he lifted from the surface and went seeking answers in the only place he knew… Home.

Location: Somewhere over the Central United States.

Power Theme: Titan Omega is an ex-astronaut who now serves as the Earth’s primary planetary defence against extra-terrestrial threats, be it from invading forces from space or world-killing asteroids. Titan is nigh indestructible and can pulverise granite with his mighty fists.

Combat/Tactics: Since his transformation, Titan (as he now calls himself) has stalwartly ignored his military training and instead embraces an exceedingly direct approach in combat: he flies strait at the target and hits it with his fists until it doesn’t get up any more. During his Re-Entry attack, his body engulfed in solar flame and he full-body tackles his opponents. He is also quite adept at dropping large things onto people’s heads.


Class Champion 20
Species Human
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Character Level  20 (20 levels + 200 CPs)
Hit Dice 20d12 (301HP)
Mass. Damage 50HPs
Initiative 0
Speed 30 ft (move), 960ft/mph (fly)
Defence  18 (Champ +9, Large -1); DR 30 / –
Touch: 18, Flat-Footed: 18
Knockback  37
Base Attack +20/+15/+10/+5 (-1 Large-sized)
Mêlée: +36, Ranged: +20, Grapple: +40
Attacks Unarmed Strike +36/+31/+26/+21 (1d8 +17)
Special Attacks
Energy Attack Aura (heat) 5d6
Iconic Attack “Re-Entry” charge while flying, unarmed strike +5 hit/damage (19-20/x2)
Ability Scores Str 27 +8, Dex 10, Con 24 +7, Int 14 +2, Wis 10, Cha 15 +2
Natural: Str 24 +7, Con 18 +4
Size/Reach Large / 5 ft.
Allegiance Earth
Saves  Fort +20, Ref +9, Will +11
Action Points 20APs
Reputation +15
Occupation Military
Skills 138
Climb +28 (rnk 20), Diplomacy +30 (rnk 20), Gather Info +18 (rnk 8), Intimidate +22 (rnk 20), Jump +18 (rnk 10), Observe  +20 (rnk 20), Profession +20 (rnk 20), Sense Motive +20 (rnk  20), Tumble +2 (rnk 0)
Feats Astrobatics, Brawl, Combat Martial Arts (Improved Unarmed Damage x3), Improved Damage Threshold, Cooperative Attack, Toughness (Hard to Kill, Indomitable), Great Fortitude (Awesome), Power Attack, Super Strike
Proficiencies Armour, Firearms, Weapons (mêlée, ranged)
Power Die 20d6 (73PP)
Origin Cosmic
Powers 154cp
Ability Enhancement Strength +3, Constitution +6 18cp
Damage Reduction rnk 30; Super, Density Increase 60cp
Energy Attack Aura (heat) 5d6 Reduced Power Drain rnk 10 (-10PPs)15CP
Regeneration Regeneration, Cling to Life, Resurrection 8CP
Flight Perfect Manoeuvrability, Air Lift: 2000 lbs. Flight Speed rnk 10, Sublight Flight 0.9C, FTL 100C 51CP
Mighty Lifting rnk 10 (weight x10) 18CP
Space Adaptation 4CP
Special Abilities Swaggering Bravado, Iconic Attack “Re-Entry,” Iconic Presence, Bombastic Aura, Unshakable Resolve, Inflexible Will
Amazing Costume solar suit 2CP
Law Enforcement Rank 2 (National) 4CP
Large Size 2CP
Bizarre Area Effect Rank I, radiant +2CP
Magnetic Signature +2CP
Wealth +16


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