Third Hand


You can snag objects and protrusions.

Prerequisites: Dex 13, Proficiency: Weapon (exotic: whip or chain), Entangle, Improved Entangle

Benefit: Your whip/chain is now a “third hand.” With it, you can perform two additional useful tricks.

First, if you fall or are pushed from a height, you can make a Reflex check, DC 15, to snag an available outcropping or protrusion and thus halt your fall. There must be something to wrap your weapon around, of course, and the GM has final say as to whether it can take your weight. You can attempt to snag a person, but that person must be strong enough to support your weight or be tied firm to something that can.

Second, if you perform the disarm manoeuvre, you can use a move action to flip the disarmed weapon or object into any square within your weapon’s reach, including your own, in which case you can deposit it into your own hands (assuming you have enough hands free to hold the object). You can drop an object or weapon as a free action in order to free up a hand to catch the disarmed weapon.

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