The Mad Engineer


(created by Orion Ussner Kidder, with special thanks to the real Dr. David Tsang)


Full Name: David C. Tsang, PhD (Engineering)

Appearance: Dave is a friendly Chinese man in his 30s who usually wears a very lived-in lab coat. He isn’t built like a superhero because he’s not one. He’s not a supervillain, either. He’s an engineer, with the messy hair and black-frame glasses to prove it.

Personality/History: Dave always loved taking things apart and putting them back together. At a very early age, he discovered that if you get your hands on some simple tools and a piece of technology, you can reduce it to bits within minutes. If you’re really clever, you can use the bits for other things, things other than what they’re normally used for , things not intended by their manufacturers. His parents were not amused by this almost pathological practise, but he didn’t particularly care. As he grew up, Dave got better and better at it until he started building things that even he knew really shouldn’t be able to work, things that violated the most basic laws of physics. That’s when he, along with a lot of other quasi-sane people working in basements and attics across the world, discovered supertechnology. He pursued his work first as an amateur and then as an academic, earning a Bachelor’s degree and then a PhD. Along the way, he started calling himself the Mad Engineer because he’s not a mad “scientist.” He’s an engineer. He builds things. Things that work.

The Mad Engineer largely builds things out of interest, sometimes just assembling parts until they become something, almost as if the parts have a mind of their own. He becomes instantly uninterested in them as soon as they’re done, and he has seemingly no awareness that some of them are quite dangerous, but neither is he interested in hurting anyone. The inventions are their own reward. He sells whatever he makes in order to buy more parts to make more inventions, and he’s both very happy and very rich as a result.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Power Theme: The Mad Engineer’s main powers are Super Intelligence and Supertech Invention. He uses those powers to build Supertech devices and very little else.

Note to GMs: the Mad Engineer is a great justification for the presence of Supertech to your game. Anyone who takes an Item power but doesn’t have a good reason to have made such an Item him/her/itself could have simply purchased it from the Mad Engineer.

Combat/Tactics: The Mad Engineer does not often get into fights. He has almost not combat skills, and anybody who knows him either wants to do business with him at some point in the future or is afraid of that he might have rattling around in his pockets. If and when the Mad Engineer ends up in the middle of a skirmish, he touches a button on his watch and it expands into a suit of full-body armour.


Class Inventor 20
Species Human
Ethnicity Chinese
Nationality Canadian
ECL 20 (20 levels + 200CPs)
Hit Dice 20d4 (51.5 HPs)
Mass. Damage 50
Initiative +0
Speed 30 ft.
Defence  16 (Cls +6)
Armoured 35 (Cls +6, Plate Mail +19)
Touch: 16, Flat-Footed: 35
Knockback 16 HPs
Base Attack +10 / +5
Mêlée: +10 / +5, Ranged: +10 / +5
Blaster: Ranged 100 ft. +10+/5 ray,
(6d6, cold, HP or NL, 19-20/x3)
Blaster: Cone 40 ft., (6d6, cold, HPs or NL, Ref. 20 [half])
Wrap Can Ref. DC = Attack Roll, 5-ft. Spread DC = ½ Attack Roll
Healing Gloves move-action, touch, +10/+5 (10d6 healing)
Ability Scores Str 11, Dex 11, Con 11, Int 24 +7, Wis 11, Cha 11
Size/Reach Medium / 5 ft.
Allegiance Science!
Saves  Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +2
Action Points 20APs
Reputation 6
Occupation Technician (Comp Use, Craft [chemicals, electrical, mechanical, structural], Knowledge [business, earth/life sci, physical science, tech], Repair, Research
Skills 414
Computer Use +35 (rnk 20), Cr: Chemical +27 (rnk 20), Cr:  Electronic +35 (rnk 20), Cr: Mechanical +35 (rnk 20), Cr:  Pharmaceutical +27 (rnk 20), Cr: Structural +35 (identify weak points +8) (rnk 20), Demolitions +35 (identify weak points +8) (rnk 20), Disable Device +27 (electronics +8) (rnk 20), Drive  +14 (rnk 10), Investigate +7 (crime scene analysis +8) (rnk  0), Kn: Business +27 (rnk 20), Kn: Earth/Life Sciences +27 (rnk 20), Kn: Physical Sciences +27 (rnk 20), Kn: Popular Culture +12 (rnk 5), Kn: Technology +27 (rnk 20), Navigate +17 (rnk 10), Pilot +10 (rnk 10), Profession +20 (rnk 20), Psicraft  +12 (rnk 5), Repair +31 (electronics, engines/machines, buildings, locks +8; supertech +14) (rnk 24), Research +27 (rnk  20), Search +7 (secret doors/compartments +8) (rnk 0), Spellcraft +12 (scrolls, power stones, knobs +4) (rnk 5), Powercraft +50 (rnk 35), Treat Injury +28 (rnk 20), Use Device  +10 (supertech +14; psionic, mystic +4) (rnk 10),
Languages Cantonese, Czech, English, French, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin
Feats Brawl, Control Anything Mastercraft (Advanced), Invent Super Equipment (Invent Super Armament, Invent Doohicky, Invent Ray Gun, Improved Ray Gun, Invent Gizmo, Invent Superchemical), Skill Aptitude x3: Powercraft
Proficiencies Armour
Power Die 20d12 (135PPs)
Origin Supertech
Powers  64cp
Supertech Invention Increased Power rnk 18, Multiple Activations, Sustain Power 64cp
Special Abilities Bonus Feats x5 (General, Supertech, Vehicle), Supertech Invention (I, II, III), Special Ability (Delay Disaster, Encyclopaedic Memory, Jack of All trades, Learn From Your Mistakes, Steady Hands, Rapid Deployment Cycle, Plot Device, Bafflegab), Invent Nullifier (Penetration, Ranged 25 ft.)
Wealth 30
Ads Database/Library rnk 2 4cp
Glass Jaw rnk 2 (Crit x4) +4cp
Insatiable Curiosity +2cp
Magnetic Signature +2cp
Instant Armour Plate Male, Armour +9, Max Dex +4, Equip Penalty -4, Hardened (Armour +1), Ultra-Light (Max Dex +3, Equip Penalty +2, Speed +10 ft., Weight -75%), Enhancement (Supertech) +10, DR 7/Super, Retractible (wristwatch)


The Mad Engineer built the Instant Armour as his first line of defence in case he ends up in a the midst of a fight. He is quick to activate it and then remove himself from a fight or simply hide somewhere safe. When it’s retracted, the Instant Armour takes the form of an expensive-looking wristwatch.


The Mad Engineer’s Inventions

The Inventions that Tsang carries with him tend to be non-lethal and highly functional. He machines his own parts, which costs more but produces more attractive and convenient Inventions, and they tend to have an aesthetic that incorporates rounded corners and chrome: Space Opera meet fifties American automobiles. He carries 40CP worth of Inventions at any given time, to be selected from the following list. GMs can also, of course, give him any new Invention that they might think of.


The Anti-Gravity Rod renders the wielder’s body imune to the effects of gravity and inertia. By also emitting powerful bursts of kinetic energy, it allows the Mad Engineer to fly through the air with extreme precision and speed. He usually uses it to simply remove himself from a dangerous situation, if at all possible. (Flight, Flight Skill Excellent, Speed 160 ft/mph, CP 24, Activate: free; free)


The Blaster emits inverse microwaves which instantly freeze whatever they’re pointed at, and when in non-lethal mode, they simply render the targets so numb that they fall to the ground. It looks like a prop from a 60s science-fiction TV show, with a small radar dish at the tip and a rounded, oblong grip. The Mad Engineer almost always uses it in non-lethal mode, but he will defend himself with deadly force if he deems it necessary. He will use the Cone mode if his attackers are within its radius, and the Ranged mode if they are not. He doesn’t mind hitting bystanders, but only if the Blaster is in non-lethal mode. (Energy Attack, Cone or Ranged, 6d6, Cold, Touch Attack, Improved Critical Damage/Range, Knockback, Controlled Damage; CP 35, Activate: 1pp per 1d6 (By CL))


The Force Shield is a small, shield-shaped disk that the Mad Engineer grips in his hand. The edges of the disk project a globe of agitated molecules that react to physical force or powerful energy by swirling close together and thus protecting whomever is within the globe. If the Mad Engineer has to remain mobile or agile, he uses the Force Shield rather than his Instant Armour. (Force Field, Tough Bubbles (Will +20), CP 36, Activate: 1pp per 1d6; move action, Sustain: per round/hour; free action)


The Healing Gloves are covered with micro-needles at the fingertips and those needles deliver a short-living retrovirus that both supplies nearby cells with calories and instructs them to devote all their energy to healing process. The upshot of the effect is that subjects heal as they would normally but at a highly accelerated pace. The backs of the gloves are covered with a series of chambers, delivery tubes, and a delicate sensory web that maintains just the right levels of retroviral matter so as not to inadvertently give the patient cancer. (Healing Touch, Move-Action Healing, Full-Attack Healing, Lesser Restoration rnk I, Restoration [6pp Full-Round Action], CP 20, Activate: 1pp per 1d6 (By CL))


Wrap In A Can is a cylindrical device that shoots out a sheet of what looks like plastic-wrap but is far stronger. It instantly sticks to almost anything, most especially itself, which in effect means that it tends to wrap itself around whatever it touches. The Mad Engineer uses Wrap In A Can when he wants to capture someone and talk to them; all he has to do is cut a hole in the Wrap, which also helps the subject breath. He has improved the design over the years so that the Wrap seriously debilitates its targets’ ability to move (Improved Entangling rank 2), and it spreads outwards from its target (Expanded Entangling). If his targets are clumped in a small area, he can also simply empty the can into the area (Voluminous Entangling). The Mad Engineer has works for years to make the Wrap nearly unbreakable (Strength 24). (Webbing, 50 ft. range, Str 24, Improved Entangling rnk2, Expanded Entangling, Voluminous Entangling, CP 14, Activate: 1pp per 50 ft. [By CL]; use-activated [attack].

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