The Batter

(created by Orion Ussner Kidder)


Full Name: Alexandra Krakus

Appearance: The Batter is an attractive woman in her mid-20s with bleach-blond hair. She wears a costume that looks like a white and purple baseball uniform reminiscent of the Yankees in the 1920s, complete with a batter’s helmet and bat (both made of polished steel) and a satchel full of “baseballs” (grenades) slung over her shoulder. In cold or wet weather, she wears a purple leather coat.

Personality/History: No one knows that much about The Batter because she doesn’t stick around long enough for people to ask questions. She was born in Poland but immigrated at a young age, and at some point she gained the ability to run at several hundred miles an hour. These abilities seem to be inherent to her body and not the product of technological or mystic enhancement.

The Batter tends to choose her own safety above all else. As hired muscle, she does an impeccable job of never getting caught, which is a plus, but it means that she abandons jobs when the threat level gets too high. If she perceives that she can’t win, she runs away. She seems to have no sense of embarrassment and has even gloated about it on the rare occasions she’s stayed in one place long enough to have a conversation. She is neither a major threat nor a push-over. She remains a very effective professional mercenary by avoiding putting herself in a position of real risk.

Location: Western Canada/Pacific North-Western USA

Combat/Tactics: Instead of putting herself in fights, The Batter runs in from a safe position using Super Speed, delivers a series of devastating attacks, often using Bonus Actions, and then retreats to another safe position, usually somewhere out of sight. She employs her signature weapons, a solid steel bat polished to a gleaming shine, and a bag of custom-made baseball grenades.

She will start a fight by either hitting the baseball grenades at her opponents to throw them off-guard, or threatening innocent bystanders (thereby occupying hero-types). Sometimes, if she’s feeling cheeky, she’ll just drop a half-dozen grenades at her opponent’s feet, but usually only if she knows that particular target is a genuine threat, like a brick, a tank, or another speedster. The Batter will usually withdraw from a fight if she’s reduced to less than ¼ of her hit points or she is outnumbered more than 4 to 1. She has no interest in fighting to the death, and neither is she particularly interested in the legal consequences of killing anyone.

Baseball Grenades: the Batter’s baseball grenades look just like regular baseballs but are rigged to denote when they take an initial hit, and explode one a second. That way, she can launch them with her bat, and they explode on contact with the ground or her hapless target. She also has had them rigged with special explosives and soft shrapnel, which makes them cause only NL. She enjoys creating chaos by blowing up innocent bystanders but sees no reason to have murder charges following her around.


Class Sneak 6
Species Human
Ethnicity Polish
Nationality Polish (resident of America and Canada)
ECL 6 (6 levels + 63cp)
Hit Dice 6d6 (33 + Con)
Mass. Damage 50hp
Initiative 11
Speed 120 ft.
Defence 34 +2*(Class +3, Dex +4, Amazing Dodge +5, Amazing Deflection +5, Long Coat +2, Undercover Vest +3, Helmet +2, *Dodge +2)
Touch: 22 +2*, Flat-Footed: 25
Knockback 17
Base Attack +4 (mêlée: +7, ranged: +8)
Bat +7 (1d8nl +3 20/x2)
Baseball Grenades  +8 (4d6 NL)
Unarmed Strike  +8 (1d6nl, 20/x2)
Ability Scores Str 16 +3, Dex 18 +4, Con 14 +2, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 12 +1
Size/Reach Medium / 5 ft.
Allegiance Survival
Saves Fort +4, Ref +9 Will +2
Action Points 6
Reputation 1
Occupation Criminal
Skills Appraise +9 (rnk 9), Climb +12 (rnk 9), Cr: Chemical +5 (rnk 5), Cr: Structural +5 (rnk 5), Demolitions +6 (identify weak points +2) (rnk 4), Disable Device +9 (rnk 9), Escape Artist +13 (rnk 9), Investigate +0 (crime scene analysis +2) (rnk 0), Jump +14 (rnk 9), Kn: Current Events +9 (rnk 9), Kn: Popular Culture +4 (rnk 4), Repair +0 (buildings +2, locks +2) (rnk 0), Search +0 (secret doors +2) (rnk 0), Sleight of Hand +13 (rnk 9), Stealth +13 (rnk 9), Tumble +15 (rnk 9), Use Rope +4 (bindings +2) (rnk 0)
Languages English, Polish
Feats Brawl, Dodge (Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Spring Attack), Improved Initiative, Super Strike, Undercover Vest (Focus/Specialise), Merciful Mauler
Proficiencies Armour, Weapons (mêlée, improvised)
Power Die 6d6 (21pp)
Origin Biological
Powers  42CP
Super Speed Run rnk 4, Speed rnk 3, Bonus Actions rnk  3 22cp
Amazing Dodge rnk 5 (+5) 10cp
Amazing Deflection 10cp rnk 5 (+5)
Special Abilities Sneak Attack (+3d6), Evasion, Uncanny
Wealth 8
Feats x12 12cp
Skill Points 4cp
Equipment Baseball Bat (steel) 1d8 20/x2Batter’s Helmet (steel)

Baseball Grenades (20-ft burst, 4d6 NL, 10-ft RI, custom made)

Undercover Vest

Long Leather Coat (purple)

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