Temport [power]

Cost: 5CP
Activate: 1PP per hour; full-round action
Range: self

With this power, you can move from one moment in time to another that is forward in time. You must declare how far forward you want to Temport when you start. You can specify down to the minute, but you must pay 4PPs for every hour or portion thereof, even if you travel less than an hour forward. You arrive in the new time in the same physical spot that you left.

You can combine Teleportation with Temportation to move through time and space simultaneously. Total the PP costs for both powers. Activation times don’t stack. Therefore, if your Teleportation activation time were a standard action and your Temportation activation time were a full-round action, then a combined Teleport/Temport would take a full-round action only.


Enhancement: Day Temport
Cost: 3CP
Activate: 1PP per day; full-round action

You can now Temport in days, instead of hours. If you travel less than a day forward, you must pay in hours, as with standard Temportation.


Enhancement: Year Temport
Cost: 4CP
Prerequisite: Day Temport
Activate: free; full-round action
Sustain: 1PP per year

You can now Temport in years, or portions thereof, instead of days, but you arrive at the same time of day that you left, unless you also expend PPs on an additional hourly jump. If you start at 10am and travel 3 years, 8 months forward, arriving at 6:30pm, you would have to pay 21PP (12PP for 3.5 years, 9PP for 8.5 hours).


Enhancement: Temport Other
Cost: 4CP
Activate: 1PP per person; full-round action
Range: Touch

For every rank in this enhancement, you can take one medium-sized person with you when you Temport. Large-sized people count as two Others, and Huge-sized as three Others, and so on. The additional person must be touching you when you Teleport.


Enhancement: Time Stop
Cost: 6CP
Activate: 3PP; full-round action
Sustain: swift action

You can stop time and move freely while the world is frozen. Everything in the world still affects you as normal, including gases or in-place energy effects, as well as gravity or drowning. People around you are effectively helpless.

Your body and objects you physically move, including our clothing, are all that you can effect. Energy, including that which you generate with your body, like an Energy Attack, does not function. Cars won’t turn on. Computers only show what’s on their screens, if they’re on at all, and you cannot affect software while time stopped. Electrical switches of all kinds are functionless, for you. If you flip a switch while Time Stopped, the machine won’t function until you start time again. Chemical reactions don’t work, so matches or gas stoves won’t light. Poisons don’t activate outside of a pumping heart, so you can’t poison anyone else, or rather, they won’t be poisoned until you start time again. However, you can swallow chemicals and they will function in your body.


Enhancement: Extended Time Stop
Cost: 2CP per round
Prerequisite: Time Stop

You can now stay in stopped time for an extra round. You can take this enhancement twice, for a maximum of 3 rounds of Time Stop.


Enhancement: Temport Backwards
Cost: 8CP
Activate: 1PP per year; full-round action

You can now travel backward in time, but you cannot travel into your own timeline, which means you cannot meet yourself and you cannot interact directly with events that would influence your own life, such as meeting your parents. If you attempt to jump to a place that would influence your own life, you bounce back to your starting place, having expending your PPs as normal. The GM has final say on what constitutes a time that has an influence on your own life, but generally you cannot Temport backwards into the same physical setting (the same city, for example) that is within your own lifetime. You have to go past the date of your own birth to stay local. If you travel to a distant location with little or not influence on your own life, then you can travel within your own lifetime. You also you cannot go anywhere near your own ancestors for at least four generation backwards. You can, for example, have a coffee with your great-great-great-grandmother, but not your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, or great-great-grandparents.


Enhancement: Move-Action Temport
Cost: 3CP

You can now Temport as a move action.


Enhancement: Reflexive Temport
Cost: 3CP
Prerequisite: Move-Action Temport
Activate: 1PP; swift action

If you retain your Dexterity bonus and are hit for physical damage (either by an attack or something that triggers a saving throw), you can make a Reflex save to instantly Temport a moment into the future just before the damage occurs. You reappear in the same spot after the Reflexive Temport. The DC of the Reflex save equals either the attack roll or the save DC of the in-coming effect. You must declare your intention to invoke this enhancement after the hit is announced but before full damage is calculated.


Limitation: Temporal Stasis
Value: 3CP
Activation: 1PP per hour; full-round action
Range: self

You can place yourself in temporal stasis, effectively jumping forward in time but only subjectively. While you are in stasis, you remain motionless and essentially at the world’s mercy. You are vulnerable to physical but not mental attacks because your mind is effectively “off.” Anybody attempting to connect to it will just hear the ocean.

Your body is also in a state of biological suspension, thus you do not need to eat or breath and are unaffected by chemicals that would poison or anaesthetize you, though acids, corrosives, and other physical attacks still affect your body. Gases are never taken into your lungs, and poisons introduced to your body through darts or hypodermic needles, for example, have an effect only after you come out of the stasis. Your body can be carried, and as a standard action your limbs can be moved into a seating position or other postures. You do not age while in stasis.

If you are killed while in temporal stasis, you technically haven’t died yet because your body is outside of normal time and if your body can be fully repaired before you come out of it, you will live, though you’ll feel sore as hell and not know why unless someone tells you.

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