Teleportation [power]


Cost: varies
Activate: 1PP; full-round action
Range: varies

You can vanish into thin air and reappear instantaneously in another location. You can Teleport yourself, equipment equal to your maximum load, and any animal companion of up to small size, assuming they are all touching you at the time you Teleport. You cannot Teleport other creatures or beings other than animals even if they are unconscious and you carry them. If, however, a person or companion is small enough to fit into the average shirt or pants pocket, you can Teleport them, but only with the GM’s permission.

The cost of Teleport depends on the maximum distance (see table, below). 12,000 miles is far enough to effectively Teleport anywhere on the Earth, so we haven’t included distances or costs beyond that. If you really want to Teleport farther, add 100% to the distance for every additional 2 CP, and have fun on Mars.

You must have a clear idea of the location and layout of your destination in order to Teleport there. You can’t simply Teleport to a villain’s lair if you don’t know where that lair is, what it looks like, or what’s in it. The clearer your mental image of the destination, the higher the chances the Teleportation will work. Areas of strong physical, paranormal, or mystical energies might make Teleportation hazardous or even impossible, at the GM’s discretion. For example, a nuclear testing facility or a convergence of ley lines could reduce your chances of Teleporting accurately/safely.

Max. Range Cost
75 feet 6CP
300 feet 8CP
1200 feet 10CP
1 mile 12CP
4 miles 14CP
16 miles 16CP
64 miles 18CP
250 miles 20CP
1,000 miles 22CP
3,000 miles 24CP
6,000 miles 26CP
9,000 miles 28CP
12,000 miles (Global) 30CP


Mishap Check

If you attempt to Teleport into a closed or hidden space, you must make a d20 roll (unmodified by anything), and check the table (below). There is a chance of a mishap or accident depending how familiar you are with the area into which you attempt to Teleport.


  • “Within Sight” means that you can see the location with the naked eye or simple magnification devices (e.g., binoculars), but not electronic reproductions (e.g., life-feed television), to a maximum distance of 1 mile.
  • “Very Familiar” means that you have been to the site often enough that it feels almost like home.
  • “Studied carefully” means that you know the site well, either because you have been there often or you have used other means to study it directly, such as video surveillance.
  • “Seen casually” means a site that you have seen several times, around a half-dozen, but you are not very familiar with it.
  • “Viewed once” means a site that you have seen only once, or perhaps just a few times in passing.
  • “Description” means that you only know the site based on someone’s description, or by looking at detailed maps or blueprints.
  • “Blind Teleport” means that you kinda know the site, but not really. Mostly, you cross your fingers and thumb your rabbit’s foot.

Teleporting to an open area or space within your field of vision requires no mishap check at all.


Results of a Mishap Check

“On Target” means you appear where you wanted to with no ill effects.

“Off Target” means you appear safely a random distance away from the destination in a random direction. You can be up off-target by a factor of up to 50% of your total distance Teleported. To determine how off-target you are, roll 5d10. The result, as a percentage of your total Teleportation distance, is how far off-target you arrive. Determine what direction you are off of the target by 1d8 (1 is North, 2 is North-East, etc.).

“Similar Area” means you wind up in an area that’s visually or thematically similar to the target area. Generally, you appear in the closest similar place. If you attempt to go to a particular park, you might end up at a park on the other side of town. If you try to go to Disneyland, you could easily end up at Euro Disney. You cannot Teleport yourself any further off target than the distance that you can normally Teleport, of course. If there is no truly similar place within range, then you are “off target,” but you can be up to 100% off-target. Roll d%. The result, as a percentage of your total Teleportation distance, is how far off-target you arrive. Determine what direction you are off of the target by 1d8 (1 is North, 2 is North-East, etc.).

“Mishap” means you’ve been briefly “scrambled” by the Teleportation process. You suffer 2d6 NL. This damage is not reduced or prevented by anything. You then arrive “off target,” and will be dazed for 1d3 rounds upon arrival.

You can combine Teleportation with Temportation to move through time and space simultaneously. Total the PP costs for both powers, but Activation times happen simultaneously. Therefore, if your activation time to Teleport were a standard action and your activation time to Temport were a full-round action, then a combined Teleport/Temport (or “Tardis jaunt”) would take a full-round action.

Familiarity Mishap Similar Area Off Target On Target
Within Sight 1 2 – 20
Very Familiar 1 2 3 – 20
Studied Carefully 1 2 3 4 – 20
Seen Casually 1 2 3 – 4 5 – 20
Viewed Once 1 2 – 3 4 – 5 6 – 20
By Description 1 – 2 2 – 3 5 – 6 7 – 20
Blind Teleport 1 – 4 5 – 7 8 – 10 11 – 20


Enhancement: Standard-Action Teleport
Cost: 2CP

You can Teleport as a standard action. This enhancement also applies to the activation time of Safe Teleport, Certain Teleport, and Teleport Other.


Enhancement: Blink Attack
Cost: 2CP
Prerequisite: Standard-Action Teleport
Activate: 1PP; full-round action (special)
Range: 75 feet, line of sight

As a full-round action, you can make a Blink Attack, which means that you Teleport once, make a single mêlée attack, and then Teleport back to where you started. The Teleportation that follows your attack does not provoke an attack of opportunity.


Enhancement: Full Blink Attack
Cost: 2CP
Prerequisite: Standard-Action Teleport, Blink Attack
Activate: 1PPs; full-round action (special)
Range: 75 feet, line of sight

As a full-round action, you can Teleport, make a full-attack, and then Teleport again. The Teleportation that follows your attack does not provoke an attack of opportunity.


Enhancement: Blink Blitz
Cost: 2CP
Prerequisites: Standard-Action Teleport, Blink Attack, Full Blink Attack
Activate: 1PP per Teleport; full-round action (special)

As part of a Full Blink Attack, you can now Teleport between individual attacks within your full-attack sequence, if you so choose. The Teleportations that follow your attacks do not provoke attacks of opportunity.


Enhancement: Reflexive Teleport
Cost:  3CP
Prerequisite:  Standard-Action Teleport
Activate: 1PP; immediate action

If you retain your Dexterity bonus and are hit for physical damage (either by an attack or something that triggers a saving throw), you can make a Reflex save to instantly Teleport out of danger a split second before the damage occurs. You reappear in the same spot after the Reflexive Teleport, but avoid the damage entirely. The DC of the Reflex save equals either the attack roll or the save DC of the in-coming effect. You must declare your intention to invoke this enhancement after the hit is announced but before full damage is calculated.


Enhancement: Safe Teleport
Cost: 2CP

You roll two twenty-sided dice whenever you have to roll a Mishap Check, and select the most favourable of the two rolls.


Enhancement: Certain Teleport
Cost: 3CP
Prerequisite: Safe Teleport
Activate: 1PP; full-round action

By spending an additional 4PPs when you Teleport, you can travel to a closed or hidden space with no chance of a mishap. While you cannot use this to Teleport to a completely unknown location, like a villain’s hidden base, you can Teleport to places you barely know anything about, such as a tiny village somewhere in Madagascar that you once saw in a postcard, without a mishap. You merely need to have some idea of where the target site is, and a vague notion of what it looks like.


Enhancement: Teleport Other
Cost: 3CP per rank
Activate: 1PP; full-round action
Range: Touch

For every rank in this enhancement, you can take one medium-sized person with you when you Teleport. Large-sized people count as two Others, and Huge-sized as three Others, and so on. The additional person must be touching you when you Teleport.


Limitation: Sight Teleport Only
Value: 2CP

You can Teleport only to places in your line of sight. Your “line of sight” can be enhanced by powers or mundane technology like binoculars, but you cannot Sight Teleport based on reproduced images, like a television signal or a web-cam. You cannot attempt any Teleport that would require a Mishap Check. This limitation is compatible with all enhancements and limitations of Teleportation, but obviously Safe Teleport and Certain Teleport will rarely apply.

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