Telekinesis [power]


Cost: 4CP per rank (size category)
Activate: 1PP per size category; standard action
Sustain: per round/hour; varies by use
Range: 30 feet

With this power, you can manipulate objects of up to small size from a distance using the power of your mind. For every rank in the power, the objects you can affect can be one size category larger: small, medium, large, huge, gargantuan, colossal, and ginormous.

When you use this power, you can do anything you would normally be able to do with your own two hands, assuming those hands are proportionally large enough to affect the object you’re manipulating. For example, you can lift and throw things, work switches, open doors, etc. The GM has final say, but the two-hands rule is a good place to start: if you can do it with with your hands, you can do it with the power. You must maintain concentration in order to keep an object in the air.

If you cannot see what you’re doing, then you’re just as limited as if you were working blind with your actual hands. Telekinesis does afford a sense of force-feedback, so you can feel your way around with it, for example, too reach around a corner for a light switch, but you’re just as likely to accidentally knock something over when working blind with with Telekinesis as you would be with your hands. Also, sheer distance from a delicate or complex job can impair your ability to perform it correctly. Your GM might apply an effective range increment of 5 feet to your Telekinesis for delicate operations. Your Wisdom (see below) dictates how generally adroit you are with your Telekinesis. 

Wielding a weapon or using a firearm from a distance qualifies as a “delicate or complex job,” so it has a 5-foot range increment. You can throw objects either directly (i.e., draw a line between yourself and the object, the object follows that path) or at an angle (e.g., from your left to your right). Direct throws have a 30 ft. range increment, and angled throws have a 10 ft. range increment. Any object designed to be thrown, weapons for example, uses its own RI for direct throws but half its RI for angled throws.

Telekinesis uses four stats: range, speed, Strength, and Dexterity.

  • Your Telekinetic range is 30 feet. Increasing the range of the power also increases the range increments for manipulating objects, including wielding weapons, throwing things, or firing weapons.
  • You Telekinesis can move objects through the air at a speed of 30 feet and perform slam attacks with them, which are handled like mêlée attacks at range. 
  • Your Telekinetic Strength starts at 10. It modifies your attacks and damage and grants the ability to throw objects as per the Improvised Weapon rules. You can also make Telekinetic grapples. If you Pin someone with Telekinesis, and your Telekinetic Strength is high enough, you can then lift, move, or throw that person, or even use them as a blunt weapon.
  • Your Telekinetic Dexterity starts at 10, and it modifies your attack rolls for thrown objects and governs how nimble and delicate your Telekinetic “feel” is.


Enhancement: Broad Elements
Cost: 4CP
Prerequisite: Elemental Telekinesis (limitation)

Your Elemental Telekinesis extends to all substances related to your element.

  • Earth Telekinesis can affect hard minerals and substances like asphalt. If your Elemental Telekinesis Strength score is Super, then you can pull up chunks of asphalt or yank hunks off of stone buildings.
  • Water Telekinesis extends to all liquids, regardless of water content, as long as they are not inside some sort of container.
  • Air Telekinesis allows influence over all smokes, gases, and even aerosol sprays.
  • Fire Telekinesis allows control over all heat and combustion.


Enhancement: Increased Dexterity
Cost: 1CP per +2 to Telekinetic Dexterity

For every rank in this enhancement, increase your Telekinetic Dexterity by 1 point.


Enhancement: Increased Strength
Cost: 1CP per +2 to Telekinetic Strength

For every rank in this enhancement, increase your Telekinetic Strength by point 1.


Enhancement: Increased Range
Cost: 2CP

Increase the range of your Telekinesis by 30 feet. You can take this enhancement up to three times, to a total range of 120 feet.


Enhancement: Imbue Hardness
Cost: 1CP per 1 point of Hardness
Activate: 1PP per point of Hardness; move action

For every rank in this enhancement, you can imbue an object you’re controlling with your Telekinesis with 4 points of Hardness. Imbuing Hardness requires a move action. The effect lasts 10 rounds. Remember that Hardness scores do not stack. An object with a Hardness of 10 will not be raised to Hardness 12 by Imbuing it with 2 points.


Enhancement: Increased Speed
Cost: 2CP per 10 feet

Increase the speed at which you can move metal objects through the air by 10 feet. You can take this enhancement up to three times. The effects stack.


Enhancement: Mental Muscle
Cost: 5CP

Your Telekinetic Strength equals your Wisdom score, and your Telekinetic Dexterity equals your Intelligence score. Once you take this enhancement, you cannot increase or decrease your Telekinetic strength or dexterity unless you increase or decrease your Wisdom and Intelligence, respectively.


Enhancement: More Hands
Cost: 3CP per rank

For every rank in this power, you have an extra “hand” to manipulate objects.


Enhancement: Multiple Elements
Cost: 4CP
Prerequisite: Elemental Telekinesis (limitation)

You can now select a second element to control, buy when you activate Elemental Telekinesis, you must designate which element you control for the duration of that activation/sustain time. You can switch to another element only by dropping the first activation and starting a new one. You can purchase this enhancement up to three times and select another element each time.


Enhancement: Reduced Drain
Cost: 4cp per rank

For every rank in this power, you reduce the activation cost of the power by the equivalent of one size category, to a minimum of 1pp.


Enhancement: Reduced Activation Time
Cost: 4cp per rank

This enhancement reduces your activation time from a standard action to a move action. A second rank reduces it to a swift action. It cannot be less than a swift action.


Enhancement: Sense Substance
Cost: 2CP
Prerequisite: Uncommon Substance (limitation)

You can now sense the substance(s) you can manipulate using “Uncommon Substance” (limitation), and/or you can sense ferrous metal if you have “Magnetic Telekinesis.” You can sense them if they are within your Telekinetic range.



Enhancement: Simultaneous Elements
Cost: 4CP
Prerequisite: Elemental Telekinesis (limitation), Multiple Elements

You can now control multiple elements at the same time. All other rules apply as normal.


Limitation: Common Substance
Value: 2CP

You can affect only one general category of solid substance with your Telekinesis. Common substances include:

  • metal
  • wood
  • stone
  • plastic

GMs might allow you to take a similarly common substance, but only with special permission.


Limitation: Decreased Dexterity
Value: 1CP per -1 Telekinetic Dexterity

For every rank in this limitation, decrease your Telekinetic Dexterity by -1. This limitation is incompatible with the Mental Muscle enhancement.


Limitation: Decreased Strength
Value: 1CP per -1 Telekinetic Strength

For every rank in this limitation, decrease your Telekinetic Strength by -1. This limitation is incompatible with the Mental Muscle enhancement.


Limitation: Elemental Telekinesis
Value: 4CP

Your Telekinesis affects only one of the four classical elements: Air, Earth, Fire, or Water. Earth and Water follow the same Strength/weight rules as normal Telekinesis. However, for Air and Fire, this limitation switches your carrying capacity from weight to volume. For every point of Elemental Telekinetic Strength above 10, you can manipulate about a cubic foot of air or fire. At Strength 10, you can manipulate anything less than 1 cubic foot.

  • Earth objects must be either stone or dirt, and cannot be machined or processed by human hands. Rocks and stones are in; asphalt is out.
  • Air includes volumes relatively pure NO2, but not other  gasses.
  • Fire includes living flames. When you lift and carry them, they temporarily need no source. You maintain their fire with your will power.
  • Water includes volumes of H2O, but not other liquids.


Limitation: Magnetic Telekinesis
Value: 3CP

Your Telekinesis affects only ferrous metals. All other rules apply normally.


Enhancement: Electro-Magnetic Pulse
Cost: 4CP
Prerequisite: Magnetic Telekinesis
Activation: 2PP; standard action
Area of Effect: 1-foot radius sphere
Save: Fortitude, Wisdom

By mentally activating a burst of random magnetic energy, you can potentially knock out electronic devices. You can create an EMP anywhere within the power’s range, and the area of the effect is approximately a 1-foot-diameter sphere.

The EMP itself provokes a save from the device (see above). If it fails, then the devices stops functioning for 1d4 rounds. If it fails by more than 10, then the device is non-functional until it is repaired (DC 20). If it passes, it is unaffected by your EMP.

If you make an Electronics or Computer skill check (DC 15), you can identify the spot in a large machine that would knock out its primary memory, control mechanism, CPU, or other spot that would deactivate the whole machine. This skill check requires a standard action to observation the machine. You get a +2 bonus if you have the machine’s schematics at hand or its internal systems are open to general view. You take a -2 penalty if its systems are unusual (an obscure make or a home-built design), or if the bulk of the exterior simply isn’t visible. You need to have a general sense of the structure of the whole machine to identify its vulnerable point. The GM can, of course, raise or lower the DC in unusual circumstances.

Some electric or electronic components are hardened against EMPs, which means that they are effectively immune to this effect. The only way to find out is to try.


Limitation: Smaller Objects
Value: 3CP per rank

For every rank in the power, the objects you can affect are limited to one size category smaller. You can take this enhancement up to three time: tiny, diminutive, fine.


Limitation: Uncommon Substance
Value: 4CP

You can affect only one specific kind of solid substance with your Telekinesis. Uncommon substances include:

  • specific metals or alloys (steel, gold, copper, iron)
  • specific kinds of wood (ash, oak, cedar)
  • particular types of stone or other minerals (concrete, granite, limestone)


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