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Mystics are the masters of lost arts that manipulate the blind forces of nature and the power of ancient gods. They wield magical spells fashioned by great mages and powerful priests who lived and died centuries ago. Many in the

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Inventors are scientists who have gone a little bit further than the state of the art should allow, blurring the lines between science and science fiction. Although they are often greatly admired in the scientific community, they are just as

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Description: Thinkers are cerebral creatures who get by on wits and smarts at the expense of strength. The real power, so says the Thinker, is in knowing more than your enemy. Thinkers, Sleuths, and Masterminds are cut from the same

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Description: Sneaks just don’t like being trapped. They take any barrier to their freedom, literal or figurative, as a personal insult, and they have an almost pathological desire to pick all the locks, open all the doors, or talk their

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Description: The thinking crime fighter, Sleuths are experts in surveillance, detection, psychology, gathering information in all its forms, and using evidence to not only reconstruct crimes but solve them in progress or even predict them before they happen. Sleuths themselves

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