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Object HPs and Hardness

Hardness: Each object has Hardness, a number that represents how well it resists damage. Whenever an object takes damage, subtract its hardness from the damage. Only damage in excess of its hardness is deducted from the object’s hit points (see

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Powerless and Ordinary

In Phoenix, there are two kinds of NPCs that don’t follow the standard rules: the Powerless and the Ordinary. Powerless NPCs are exactly what their names imply: Phoenix characters who have no powers. Ordinary NPCs are on step lower: they

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Constitution Damage

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Variable Negative Hit Points

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Life Leech [power]

Cost: 3CP per rank (1d6 of Leeching) Activate: 2PPs per d6 (By CL); use-activated (touch attack) Range: touch Save: Fortitude (negates), Constitution-based

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