Tag: Evasion


Descriptions: Soldiers put their military training and their equipment to effective use. They execute their missions with mechanical precision, and they take great pride in their efficiency. They are exceedingly loyal, placing the needs of the group and the mission

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Description: Sneaks just don’t like being trapped. They take any barrier to their freedom, literal or figurative, as a personal insult, and they have an almost pathological desire to pick all the locks, open all the doors, or talk their

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Martial Artist

Description: Martial Artists, as their name indicates, turn the simple act of fighting into an art form, with all of the spiritual enlightenment, personal knowledge, and aesthetics that “art” implies. According to a Martial Artist, there is something beautiful about

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Description: Sidekicks are more than just junior partners of an older or more powerful superhero. They are experts at playing a supporting role in a superhero’s quest for justice. Sidekicks’ abilities are geared toward staying out of the spotlight in

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