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d20 Modern Classes

If you have a particular fondness for the standard classes in the MSRDs, then you can still play them in Phoenix using one of the two following optional rules: using the Modern classes (Base/Advanced) or mixing them (Base/Superhero). However, we

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F/X Classes

If you want an actual inventor, mentalist, or mystic as a class, players and GM can agree to use one of the optional F/X classes. Inventor Mentalist Mystic

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Description: The Champion is a hero for an ideal, a nation, or an institution. Champions are living symbols, walking icons. They are charming, persuasive, and never at a loss to orate on the glory of their causes, the importance of

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Superhero Class Features

Superhero classes have the same standard features as Core classes, plus a couple of extras. Taking an Occupation, rolling for Hit Points, and receiving both Skill points and Feats are unchanged from Modern rules. Your allotted Skill points are listed

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Building a Hero

Character creation in Phoenix proceeds through a few steps: concept power theme ability score generation class powers

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