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Mystics are the masters of lost arts that manipulate the blind forces of nature and the power of ancient gods. They wield magical spells fashioned by great mages and powerful priests who lived and died centuries ago. Many in the

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Mentalists have learned to channel their minds and their wills into psionic powers that manifest in the world. They tend to be less flashy than Mystics, but no less powerful or potentially deadly for it. Mentalist often employ esoteric meditation

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Inventors are scientists who have gone a little bit further than the state of the art should allow, blurring the lines between science and science fiction. Although they are often greatly admired in the scientific community, they are just as

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Description: Warriors are masters of combat, from good old fisticuffs to complex weapons training. They don’t always have the exoticism of the Martial Artist, or the flair of the Champion, or the rigorous training of the Soldier, but they do

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Descriptions: Soldiers put their military training and their equipment to effective use. They execute their missions with mechanical precision, and they take great pride in their efficiency. They are exceedingly loyal, placing the needs of the group and the mission

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