You’ve got a little NFL in you.

Prerequisite: Str 13, Power Attack

Benefit: You can combine a trip, a grapple, and an unarmed strike into a single attack in which, if you’re successful, you drag your target to the ground as well as causing damage. You must move at least 20 ft. before you tackle your target, at which point you resolve all three attacks separately: strike, trip, and grapple. The tackle itself does not provoke an attack of opportunity, but moving through a threatened square still can. The strike must hit the target’s touch defence in order for you to attempt the trip and grapple, but it doesn’t have to hit for damage. The individual attempts are otherwise unrelated to each other, so you can lose the grapple but succeed at the trip or vice-vice.

Normal: You’d have to make all three of these attacks as separate attack actions.

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