Surface Adhesion [power]


Cost: 3CP
Activate: none; use-activated (movement)
Range: self

You can crawl up walls and across ceilings with ease, but you have to have your hands free and your feet on the surface do it. You travel at your full speed, and you can take a double-move, but you cannot run.

You do not need to make Climb checks of any kind, even if you’re upside down. You retain your Dexterity bonus to Defence, and opponents get no special bonus to attacks against you.

You can take the weight of one extra person of your size category, but you can move only at half your speed. (This assumes that their weight falls somewhere in the range of that size, of course.)


Enhancement: Extra Sticky
Cost:  1CP

You are sticky enough to support another 500 lbs. of weight. Note that that doesn’t automatically mean that you personally can carry that much weight. You can take this enhancement up to four times for a total of 2000 lbs.


Enhancement: Fast Climb

Cost:  1CP

You can “run” on vertical surfaces (i.e., move x4 your base speed, in a straight line), but without Hands Free (see below), you move on all-fours as opposed to upright running.


Enhancement: Hands Free
Cost: 2CP

You can stick to walls or ceilings with any part of your body. Can now walk on the wall with just your feet, or conceivably just your hands, and you can “sit” on a wall and just stay there. Note that this enhancement doesn’t change gravity. It just allows you to stick to the wall with any part of your body.

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