Supertech Armour Abilities


Super armour includes any weapon or piece of protective gear that’s been enhanced with the feats Invent Super Armour. They have super bonuses to hit/damage or defence. They can also have one of the abilities listed below. Their enhancements, powers, or abilities represent the use of space-aged materials, projected energy fields, or any other bizarre, bleeding-edge technology that you can think of. Anyone can use super armour. They just have to wear the protective gear, although all proficiency rules apply as normal, of course. The bonuses apply automatically.


Appendages (armour)

This armour has two extra arms, complete with fully functional, three-fingered hands. The armour injects a series of mono-filaments into the wearer’s spine such that the wearer can control the arms as if they were her own. All additional appendages are effectively “off-hands” for the purposes of fighting.

CP 10, Appendages; Price +8.


Energy Resistance

A suit of armour or a shield with this property normally has a faint, translucent energy shell that hangs a few centimetres from its surface, the colour of which corresponds to its energy type (acid: metallic, cold: red, electricity: matt grey, fire: blue, sonic: clear and cubic). The armour or shield blocks the first 10 HPs of one type of energy damage (acid, cold, electricity, heat, sonic) per attack (similar to the Resistance: Energy power).

CP 4, Energy Resistance; Price +4 bonus.


Energy Resistance, Improved

As Energy Resistance, except it absorbs the first 20 points of damage per attack.

CP 8, Resist Energy; Price +6 bonus.


Energy Resistance, Greater

As Energy Resistance, except it absorbs the first 30 points of damage per attack.

CP 12, Energy Resistance; Price +8 bonus.



This shield or armour grants the bearer DR 3/Super.

CP 6,  Damage Reduction; Price +4.


DR, Improved

As DR, but DR 5/Super.

CP 10, Damage Reduction; Price +6.


DR, Greater

As DR, but DR 8/Super.

CP 16, Damage Reduction; Price +8.


Power Resistance

This armour or shield blocks the effect of powers of all origins, including spells and psi-powers. It usually has a multi-coloured coating. The armour/shield grants a Power Resistance rating of 11.

CP 5, Resist Powers; Price +4 bonus.


Power Resistance, Improved

As Origin Resistance, except it grants PR 15.

CP 10, Resist Powers; Price +6 bonus.


Power Resistance, Greater

As Origin Resistance, except it grants PR 19.

CP 20, Resist Powers; Price +8 bonus.



This armour automatically retracts from your body, leaving you unarmoured at the touch of a button. Retracting or expanding your armour requires a move action only. Retracting your armour in combat provokes an attack of opportunity. You activate the retraction by hitting a button, switch, or key, or you can say a command word. Retracted armour is about the size of a heavy belt (or equivalent).

CP 3CP, Size Shift; Price +2 bonus

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