Super Teams

Any group of heroes (minimum three) can create a Super Team. They merely have to declare their team affiliation, including coming up with a name for the group and possibly a theme or symbol, and then fight villains together for one complete level.

At the end of that level and at each subsequent level, the team receives 2CP per team member to spend on assets that the whole team can access. Those assets can include the following:


In the case of Good Rep and Bad Rep, the reputation modifier applies to the whole team. In the case of Nemesis, the arch enemy’s power level is determined by the total power level of the whole team.

If a super team loses over half its members (characters, not players) then it also loses access to its collective assets. They belonged to the team, and the team no longer exists.

To regain access to those assets, at least two members of the original team must form a new team. If there are only two left, they’ll need at least one more member. The new team must, again, be together for one full level, at which point they regain their lost assets and they start earning team CP again.

Super Teams can also use Wealth Pools to acquire assets, but that’s a separate set of rules.