Super Pet


Cost: 2CP per rank (special)

You have an animal that helps you fight crime. This Super Pet probably has powers and a persona that match yours, but not necessarily. The Super Pet can be any creature from the SRDs that is in the “animal” section (i.e., no fantasy monsters).

The CP cost of a Super Pet depends on your Character Level. You pay 2CP per your levels and you get a Super Pet that has ¾’s your HD and CPs. Its first “levels” are its species-determined CR. If it is a CR3 creature, then those are its first three “levels.” After that, the Super Pet gains levels in a class, just like a PC. If you continue to pay 2CP per level, then your Super Pet progresses alongside you, gaining 3 levels for every 4 of yours. If you buy a Super Pet at character creation, CL4, then it won’t gain a level at your CL8, CL12, etc., but it will gain a level at your CL5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, and so on. If you stop paying 2CP when you level-up, then your Super Pet stops progressing as well. You can resume paying for your Super Pet any time you like.

When you create your Super Pet, you follow all of the same rules as a when you create your own character, except that it’s an animal. It gets 10CP per level, just like you, and you must pick a class that seems appropriate to its personality and physical abilities. A bullfrog Champion might not be a great idea, but you’re free to chose any combination you like. They get 10CP per level, just like any other PC.

Most of the time, you play your Super Pet as if they were another character, making decisions on their behalf, acting for them, and so on. The GM does, however, reserve the right to step in from time to time and play your Super Pet for you if the story calls for it. For example, if your Super Pet were possessed by a villain who forced it to fight you, the GM might take over, or at least direct you to use certain specific powers that the pet has (i.e., the really nasty ones you don’t want to have to deal with).

If your Super Pet dies, you must spend the rest of that gaming session and the next two sessions in mourning. After that time has passed, you may, at the beginning of the third session, respectfully announce that you have found a new Super Pet, a different animal that has the same abilities and a variation on the same costume. Perhaps it’s a pup from the same litter, or perhaps your previous Super Pet’s egg finally hatched. The specifics are up to you.


Enhancement: Super Pet Reincarnation

Cost: 3CP

If your Super Pet dies, instead of replacing it with exactly the same animal, for a one-time fee of 3CPs, you can redesign the new Super Pet with the same number of CR, levels, and Character Points as the last one (i.e., ¾’s of yours). You can take this enhancement multiple times. Each time, it applies to a new, reincarnated Super Pet.

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