Super Gear


Super Gear and Empowered Gear

Super Gear grants an enhancement bonus to whatever task the gear is built to do. Super Gear is use-activated, which means that you just have to use it for what it’s designed for in order to get that bonus.



Anyone can ingest or inject a Superchemical. It imbues a particular power when you ingest/inject itSuperchemicals are different than other Supertech Inventions.

They are single-use formulae and drug-cocktails that produce an effect that is exactly the same as a single activation of a power at a strength set when they’re created. The power must have a range of “self,” but it can be a trait and/or have a duration. In this latter case, the Superchemical temporarily alters your body chemistry in such a way as to reproduce a certain effect. The duration of any Superchemical is 2d4 rounds, minutes, or hours, depending on the Sustain time(s) listed in the power. By default, they’re 2d4 rounds in combat. Superchemicals are the Supertech equivalent of potions and roughly analogous to cognizance crystals.

Superchemicals come in one of two forms, either a small vial of liquid (usually a seriously unnatural, neon colour, often slightly luminescent), or a large pill (also usually brightly-coloured). Liquid vials are fine-sized (e.g., a small test-tube with a stopper), and pills are usually in a small plastic container or baggy.

You take a heck of a risk if you ingest or inject a Superchemical without knowing what it is. You can’t literally Fiddle With The Knobs of a Superchemical, but you can still attempt a Powercraft check to determine its power. Alternatively, if you’ve used a Superchemical with that particular power before, you can sip a small amount (or lick the pill) and the taste and sensation will be familiar to you. If you’ve never taken it before, then you can’t recognise it.



These are loaded with a single power and burn out after a single use. They just aren’t built to last, usually the product of haste and lack of funds. Doohickies are fine-sized objects. They do not have a set shape but they are about the size of a pocket-watch or a cell phone. Doohickies are the Supertech equivalent of scrolls and roughly analogous to psi-stones. 


Ray Guns

These are loaded with a single power that you can activate multiple times, essentially re-usable Doohickies. They have up to 50PPs when first built. They can reproduce powers up to 15CP. Ray Guns are the Supertech equivalent of wands and dorjes.

Ray Guns don’t have to look like guns. They can be space opera-style blaster pistols with radar-dishes on the end, or they can be little silver cylinders with a blue light at the tip. Their appearance is as varied as the fevered minds of the crazed inventors who make them. Regardless of their particular appearance, they’re diminutive-sized, and about the same bulkiness as a light weapon.



These have multiple powers that you can activate multiple times. They have up to 200PPs when created. Gizmos are bulkier than Ray Guns. They are small-sized and often take the appearance of a backpack, staff or stick, or hand-held object like an orb, or just a big, funky-looking contraption. Every time you Fiddle With The Knobs on a Gizmo, you determine only one power and one activation. Gizmos are the Supertech equivalent of staves.


Gadgets and Power Armour

Gadgets  and Power Armour are, in truth, just a way to represent a certain kind of superpower: the kind that comes from a magic item or a piece of technology. They’re not something that you can build using a feat. Instead, you  buy them with CPs. They do, however, have a few specific features



Gadgets have even more variety in their appearance than Ray Guns. They can look like anything at all, but the most common appearances are things like guns or sceptres (yes, usually phallic symbols).

In game terms, Power Armour is a bunch of body-mounted Gadgets, with some armour plating. It can be just what its name implies, a suit of armour that’s covered in little blinking lights, heat exhaust ports, and whirring motorized parts that are just visible between the plates. It can also be a gleaming, magical exo-skeleton, a strangely flexible second-skin of blue crystal, or a fluid, black symbiote creature that lives on your body and creeps everyone out. The possibilities are many. Power Armour is most commonly supertech, but it can have any origin you want.

Anyone can use a Gadget or a suit of Power Armour. You do not need Supertech Invention (power) or Use Device (skill). They do or don’t provoke attacks of opportunity depending on the powers they house. They generally only usable by their owners. Finally, they do not normally have their own PP supply, so you expend your own PPs when you activate them.

Power Armour requires Proficiency: Armour (powered) in order to wear it effectively (just like regular armour). You have to be wearing a suit of Power Armour to get its components to function. A forgiving GM might allow you to access a suit of Power Armour’s powers by putting on a single piece, like one gauntlet or just the helm.

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