Sunder and Disarm


These manoeuvres are not different in Phoenix, but we think it’s important to remember all the things you can do with them other than just destroying someone’s weapon or taking it away.

Never forget that you can target items that someone is holding or wearing, so you can snatch a mobile phone or slash someone’s belt off, for example. Superheroes do this kind of thing all the time. So do gunslingers (shooting things out of people’s hands) and swashbucklers (slicing off clothing), and superheroes are closely related to both of those other kinds of heroes. You can also snatch away the detonator for the C4 that’s been planted on the city dam, or you can smash the bottle of mystic potion that a villain drinks to gain her powers.

Attacking the enemy and doing damage directly is not your only option. Destroying and/or taking props away can often resolve a fight.

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