Summon Object [power]


Cost: 8cp per mode
Activate: 1pp; full-round action

You can teleport objects to yourself. These objects cannot be larger than Tiny and/or a two-handed weapon, and they cannot be animals or creatures of any kind. They can be plants or food, just nothing with a will of its own. There are two modes of this power: Hidden Objects and Snatch Objects.


Hidden Objects
Range: Earth

You have a secret cache of objects somewhere in the world. It could be under your bed. It could be a kilometer below the Earth. Either way, you have spent some time in or near that cache, attuning yourself to the space, memorising its features and the arrangement of your objects. This cache can contain up to 10 objects in it. When you activate the base power, you select one of those 10 objects and it appears in your hand. You must activate the power a second time in order to send your object back to your cache. You can Summon multiple objects. The power simply brings one to you or sends one back to the cache. However, you cannot send random objects back to your cache. Each object must be specially prepared much like the cache itself.


Snatch Objects
Range: 100 ft.
Save: (holder) Reflex, Intelligence-based

You can teleport objects in your line of sight to your hot little hands. The object disappears at the beginning of your activation and reappears at the end. You cannot Snatch an object that you suspect or even know is present. You must be able to see it, although you can see it through powered or supernatural means (e.g., Penetrating Vision, Claravoyance, etc.). The holder of the object gets a Reflex save to avoid your attempt to Snatch it, but you can catch people flat footed with this power, in which case they do not get their Dexterity bonus to their Reflex save. Objects not currently in anyone’s hands get a Reflex roll, but don’t have a bonus unless the object is moving (Reflex +4, or higher if it’s moving faster), or Concealed (Reflex +2 per 10% miss chance). GMs can and should take other circumstances into account that might make Snatching more difficult. The main factor is sight. To Snatch an object, the Snatcher must be able to clearly see it and concentrate on it for the duration of a Standard action. You can Snatch multiple objects. The power simply teleports one to you.


Enhancement: Enlarged Cache
Prerequisite: Hidden Objects
Cost: 4cp

You can Summon 5 more objects.


Enhancement: Extended Range
Prerequisite: Snatch Objects
Cost: 4cp per rank (30 ft. extension)

For every rank in this enhancement, your Snatch Object range increases by 30 ft. You can take this enhancement up to 5 times. Its effects stack.


Enhancement: Fast Summoning
Cost: 3cp per rank (action time)

For every rank in this enhancement, you decrease the activation time of the power in either mode on the following scale: standard action (1 rank), move action (2 ranks), swift action (3 ranks), immediate action (4 ranks). This decrease applies to all enhancements as well.


Enhancement: Transport Objects
Prerequisite: Snatch Objects
Activate: 2pp
Cost: 8cp

You can now transport one object from one place to another within your Snatch range. Doing so requires the same activation time but costs double the PPs. Transported objects retain the speed and momentum they had at the moment of transport. You can transport objects into mid-air.


Enhancement: Reflexive Swap
Prerequisite: Snatch Objects, Transport Objects, Fast Summoning (rnk 4)
Activate: 2pp; immediate action

When an object in your size range comes within 5 ft. of you, you can Transport it to somewhere else within your range. The object gets a Reflex save, as normal. Remember that you can transport only objects that you can follow with the naked eye, so you cannot Reflexively Swap  bullets and most other mechanical projectiles (GM’s discretion).

You do not have conscious control over where the object goes. Reflexively Swapping objects is a gut-reaction that leaves no time for conscious thought. To determine where the object ends up, roll 1d12 twice using each roll as a direction: from “1 o’clock” to “12 o’clock,” one horizontal roll and one vertical. Then roll for distance using whatever combination of dice makes the most sense given your range. For 100 ft. range, roll 1d20 in order to narrow the object’s position down to a 5-ft. space. If your rolls would put the object inside a solid object, then it is, indeed, embedded in that object until such time as someone digs it out.


Enhancement: Small Objects
Cost: 4cp

You can now Summon small-sized objects, in either mode.


Enhancement: Medium Objects
Prerequisite: Small Objects
Cost: 6cp

You can now Summon medium-sized objects, in either mode.


Enhancement: Large Objects
Prerequisite: Small Objects, Medium Objects
Cost: 6cp

You can now Summon large-sized objects, in either mode.


Enhancement: Huge Objects
Prerequisite: Small Objects, Medium Objects, Large Objects
Cost: 10cp

You can now Summon huge-sized objects, in either mode.


Enhancement: Swap Object
Prerequisite: Snatch Objects
Activation: 2pp
Cost: 3cp

You can now Swap one Hidden Object for another in a single activation. You can dismis any object you have in hand and Summon any object you want. This activation costs double the PPs.

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