Stapling is when you pin someone to a wall or other surface by their clothes using a piercing weapon or a projectile that is more than a few inches long (i.e., arrow, bolt, throwing knife, etc.). The target must be wearing clothes that reasonably have some spare cloth to pin (i.e., no skin tights or form-fitting armour), and they must be standing in front of and adjacent to a surface that your weapon can pierce. To perform the Staple, you must be either in mêlée range or, with a projectile, within one range increment or 30 feet (whichever is less), and you must hit the target’s Touch AC. If you succeed, the target is Stapled to the wall or surface and has to either rip their clothes as a move action (to free themselves), or take a move action to remove the staple, which requires a DC 10 Strength check, but results in them having the staple in hand. GMs might raise the DC of the Strength check if the clothing in question is particularly tough, like a biker jacket. Increase the DC of the Strength check by +2 for every additional staple. For example, if you use three attacks to throw three daggers at a target and Staple her to a wall, the Strength DC is 16. See the feat Improved Stapling for more options with this combat manoeuvre.

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