Speedsters specialize in moving fast, which can have a lot of applications. They’re great for pursuit, for scouting, and they have very strong combat abilities. A Speedster’s primary power is Super Speed, of course, but they usually supplement with combat powers (offensive and defensive), as well as feats that aid their ability to get into and out of dangerous situations.

The best class for your Speedster depends on what application you’re looking for. A combat Speedster needs strong BA and other offensive abilities, so a Champion, Soldier, or Warrior would work. A Sneak, Soldier, or Sidekick, however, can make great use of both Sneak Attack and skill points.

Speedsters in combat have one great trick when it comes to combat: run in, slam the target with a series of bonus action attacks, and then run out. This way, they never get hit and they do maximum damage.



Danger Sense 3CP
Super Speed: Bonus Actions II, Full-Round Bonus Action, Fast Move x4, Nimble Runner 28CP
Optional: Regeneration: Regeneration III) 8CP
Optional: Amazing Dodge +4 8CP
Optional: Feat Tree: Improved Initiative, Dodge, Mobility, Super Strike 8CP


Recommended Feats

Combat Reflexes, Dodge (Combat Expertise, Mobility, Spring Attack, Whirlwind Attack), Endurance, Improved Initiative (Awesome, Supreme, Combat Nerves), Lightning Reflexes (Awesome, Supreme), Quick Change, Quick Draw, Quick Sheath, Rapid Reload, Run (Fast Move), Swift Power-Point Recovery

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