Slow Activation

Value: 3CP

You cannot use the Ready action on any power that has an activation time/cost (i.e., anything that you have to “turn on”).

Additional Comps

Additional Comp: Slower Activation

Value: 3CP per rank

The activation time for one of your powers (player’s choice) increases by one step on the following scale:

  • free/swift action
  • move action
  • standard action
  • full-round action
  • 1 round


For example, if your activation time were normally a standard action, this Comp would turn it into a full-round action. If it’s normally a swift action, this Comp turns it into a move action.

You must have at least one power with an activation time of at least a swift action to take Slower Activation. You can take this Additional Comp multiple times. Each time, it either applies to a new power (player’s choice) or it increases the activation time by one step. You can apply this Comp to Mystic Spell-Casting and Psionic Manifestation, in which case it applies to individual spells or psi-powers.

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