Sliding Shot


You can slide across the ground and just keep shooting! 

Prerequisites: Dex 13, Dodge, Point Blank Shot, Mobility, Shot On The Run

Benefit: As part of a full attack action, you can slide or roll along the ground up to half your normal movement distance while taking a full-attack action with a firearm or firearms. You are prone for the duration of this manoeuvre and remain so at the end of it (Defence +4 vs. ranged attacks, Defence -4 vs. mêlée attacks). You do not trigger attacks of opportunity when you use this feat.

Special: Improved Prone Fighting and Light Footed do, indeed, combine with this feat. If you had both feats and executed a Sliding Shot, your Defence during the action would be +1 against ranged attacks and -1 against mêlée attacks, and you could stand up without provoking an attack of opportunity. Pretty sweet, eh?

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