(created by Scott Sharplin)


Full Name: Dr. Martin Grosvener

Appearance: Slag can transform from a lean, unathletic man in his mid-20s to a hulking mass of molten steel. To an outside observer, this form appears unstable, as Slag’s skin is constantly roiling with heat and liquid metal. However, his body is incredibly dense, weighing over 700 lbs. Heat waves constantly distort the air around him.

Personality/History: Grosvener injected himself with an experimental drug while running from corrupt corporate scientists. His reluctance to surrender the compound has made him powerful enemies, so he remains a fugitive, and a somewhat reluctant hero. His body has also become addicted to the drug, and he requires higher doses each time in order to activate his transformation.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Power Theme: Slag’s powers are elemental, channelling the magnetic power of mineral alloys in order to perform feats of daunting strength. He can also control earth from a distance, hurling chunks of stone at his enemies, or trapping them beneath the ground. His transformed body radiates corrosive heat, but through force of will, he is able to control these emissions to an extent, so that he is not a threat to those he would rescue.

Combat/Tactics:  Grosvener tends to be cautious in battle, aware of the damage his strength may inflict. He uses the first few rounds of combat to assess his foes (and, often, to inject himself with his transformative drug), then attacks enemies who he thinks pose the greatest threat to innocent bystanders. Grosvener is paranoid about having his secret identity exposed, so he sometimes needs to withdraw from combat before he reverts to his normal, human form.


Class Mastermind 5
Species Human
Ethnicity White
Nationality Canadian
Character Level  5 (5 levels + 50cp)
Hit Dice 5d6 (25hp normal, 65hp super)
Mass. Damage 60hp
Initiative +1
Speed 30 feet
Defence  14 (Class +3, Leather Jacket +1)
Boosted 22 (Cls +3, Natural Armour +10, Size  -1)
Knockback Normal: 15; Activated: 22
Base Attack +3; Mêlée: +3, Ranged: +3
Activated: Mêlée: +10
Unarmed (normal) +3 (1d3nl)
Unarmed Strike (super) +10 (2d8 +7nl)
Energy Attack Touch: Acid +10 (10d6, 20/x2)TK Slam +7 (up to 100lbs) (1d6 +4 20/x2)

TK Throw +6 (up to 100lbs) (1d6 +4 20/x2)

Ability Scores Str 10, Dex 10, Con 14 +2, Int 19 +4, Wis 16 +3, Cha 12 +1
Activated: Str 25 +7, Dex 25 +7 Con 29 +9
Size/Reach Medium / 5 ft.
Allegiance Science!
Saves  Fort +9, Ref +2 Will +4
Activated: Fort +13, Drugs/Poisons -2, Ref +9
Action Points 5
Reputation +4
Occupation Technician
Skills 80
Bluff +5 (rnk 4), Computer Use +8 (rnk 4), Cr: Chemical +6 (rnk  0), Diplomacy +9 (rnk 8), Disguise +3 (rnk 2), Gamble +7 (rnk 4), Gather Info +9 (rnk 8), Intimidate +5 (rnk 4), Kn:  Current Events +8 (rnk 4), Kn: Earth/Life Sciences +12 (rnk  8), Kn: Physical Sciences +8 (rnk 4), Observe +11 (rnk 8), Profession +9 (rnk 6), Repair +6 (supertech +2) (rnk 2), Search  +6 (rnk 2), Stealth +4 (rnk 4), Powercraft +12 (rnk 8), Treat Injury +5 (rnk 0), Use Device +1 (supertech +2) (rnk 0),
Languages English, Latin, French, Cantonese
Feats Combat Expertise, Brawl (Improved)
Proficiencies Armour, Weapons (mêlée, ranged)
Power Die 5d10 (27pp)
Origin Supertech
Powers 60cp
Ability Boost Physical rnk 15 (+15) 30cp
Natural Armour rnk 10 (Natural +10) Active Natural Armour 10cp
Size Shift Increase Size rnk 1 (one size category), Retain Attack Bonus6cp
Energy Attack Touch (acid) 10cp
Telekinesis Elemental Telekinesis: Stone Mental Muscle: Str 18 +4, Dex 16 +3 4cp
Special Abilities Imposing Presence, Tactical Genius, Encyclopaedic Memory, Reassuring Presence, Bombastic Aura, Cross-Trained, Plot Device
Connection rnk 2 (sci/tech, government) 2cp
Feat 2cp
Chemical Activation injection +4cp
Chemical Dependency rnk 2 Power Linked +4cp
Nemesis Frequency rnk 2, Power rnk 1 +3cp
Wealth +8
Equipment Leather Jacket, Brief Case, Mobile Phone, Pen Light, Notepad, Chemical Kit, PDA, Jack Knife, Chemical Activation (x10)
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