Silver Sabre


(created by Orion Ussner Kidder)


Full Name: Joyce Gigliotti-Chiang

Appearance: Silver Sabre rarely dresses in exactly the same costume twice, but her theme is consistently somewhere between Musketeer and Zorro, complete with hose, lace, buckles, long coat, rapier dangling from her hip, and a bandolier of throwing daggers. She is every bit the swashbuckler, from top to bottom. A colour-coordinated Carnival-style domino mask covers her face, and she rotates through several wigs of long black hair, some straight, some curly, some wavy, etc. Although Silver Sabre is a bit of a clothes horse at the best of times, she also uses her rotating costumes and wigs to hide her height, her exact features, even her ethnicity.

Personality/History: Joyce never quite fit anyone’s expectations. She was part tom-boy and part girly-girl, so when she discovered swashbucklers in old movies, she found her happy middle-ground. It turned out that you can wear lace and wigs and kick ass at the same time. She quickly appointed herself protector of the playground and became very, very good with a pointed stick. When she was 18, she started venturing out in a much simpler version of her present costume, and she has never stopped.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Power Theme: Silver Sabre has no powers but instead has trained her fighting skills to their peak. She specialises in the rapier, and although she has trained with it as a duelling weapon, she concentrates on non-lethal applications.

Combat/Tactics: Silver Sabre usually tumbles into combat with a hearty “ha HA!” and displays her weapon(s). She is pathologically incapable of not talking while fighting, and she usually starts with an encouragement to surrender in the form of an Intimidate check. If that fails, she proceeds to disarm, trip, and generally embarrass her opponent(s). She’s particularly fond of slicing off men’s clothing (Sunder) and nailing them to walls (Staple). Once she feels she has to hammer the moral lesson home, she’ll use her Sword Spank attack, in which she allows her attacker to approach, spins around behind them, and then literally spanks their butt with the flat of her rapier (hence the non-lethal damage).


Class Champion 4
Species Human
Ethnicity Chinese-Italian
Nationality Canadian
ECL 4 (4 levels + 41 CPs)
Hit Dice 4d12 (31)
Mass. Damage 48
Initiative +12
Speed 35 ft.
Defence  18 +41 +22 +23 (Cls +2, Dex +4, Leather Armour +2,  1Bombastic Aura +4, 2Dodge, 3Two-Weapon Defence +2)
Touch: 16 +41 +22 +23, Flat-Footed: 14 +41
Knockback 14
Base Attack 4
Mêlée: +4, Ranged/Finessed: +8
Rapier +9 (1d6 18-20/x2)
Dual Rapiers +7 (1d6 18-20 x2)
Dagger +8 (1d4 19-20/x2)
Dual Daggers +6 (1d4 19-20/x2)
Thrown Dagger 8
Brawl +10 (1d8NL 20/x2)
Special Attacks
Disarm +12 (Dual +10)
Staple +12 (Dual +10)
Sunder +12 (Dual +10)
Iconic Attack “Sword Spank” +11 (1d6 +2NL 18-20)
Sucker Punch 20/x3
Ability Scores Str 10, Dex 18 +4, Con 12 +1, Int 15 +2, Wis 10, Cha 18 +4
Size/Reach Medium / 5 ft.
Allegiance Poetic Justice
Saves  Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +2
Action Points 4APs
Reputation +5
Occupation White Collar
Skills 42
Climb +7 (rnk 7), Computer Use +3 (rnk 1), Diplomacy +7 (rnk  3), Diplomacy +7 (rnk 3), Escape Artist +7 (rnk 3), Gather  Info +7 (rnk 3), Intimidate +7 (rnk 3), Jump +9 (rnk 7), Kn: Popular Culture +4 (rnk 2), Sleight of Hand +7 (rnk 3), Tumble +13 (rnk 7)
Languages Cantonese, English, Italian
Feats Action Hero, Brawl (Improved), Cross-Trained (tumble, use rope), Combat Expertise (Improved Staple, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Sunder), Dodge, Fast Move, Improved Initiative (Awesome, Supreme), Merciful Mauler, Mercy Blow, Quick Draw, Quick Sheath, Skill Aptitude (Tumble), Super Strike, Two-Weapon Fighting (Defence), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (rapier)
Tongue-In-Cheek Parley, One-Liner
Proficiencies Armour, Shields, Weapons (mêlée, ranged)
Power Die
Origin n/a
Powers none
Special Abilities Swaggering Bravado, Iconic Attack, Chutzpah!  I, Iconic Presence, Bombastic Aura
Wealth +8
Equipment Rapiers (x2), Leather Armour, Zip-Tie Handcuffs, Throwing Daggers (x6)
Ads Fearless 3cp
Fearless 3cp
Feats x23 46cp
Hero’s Code Fair Play +4cp
Monologuer +4cp


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