Cost: 3CP per rank (special)

You have a loyal lieutenant who aids your fight against the evils of the world. This Sidekick probably has powers and a persona that match yours, but not necessarily. The Sidekick can be a youthful ward, a romantic partner, a robot you built yourself, or anything else you can think of that fits the stats available.

The CP cost of a Sidekick depends on your Character Level. You pay 3CP per your levels and you get a Sidekick who always has ¾’s your Levels and CPs. If you continue to pay 3CP per level, then your Sidekick progresses alongside you, gaining 3 levels for every 4 of yours. For example, if you buy a Sidekick at character creation, CL4, then they won’t gain a level at your CL8, CL12, etc., but they will gain a level at your CL5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, and so on. If you stop paying 3CP when you level-up, then your Sidekick stops progressing as well. You can resume paying for your Sidekick any time you like.

You can choose your Sidekick’s classes and spend their CPs any way you like. When you create them, you follow all of the same rules as a when you create your own character. You can choose any class for the Sidekick, not just the actual Sidekick class, although a Mastermind or a Champion might be hard to role-play (but not impossible). They get 10CP per level, just like any other PC.

Most of the time, you play your Sidekick as if they were another character, making decisions on their behalf, speaking for them, and so on. The GM does, however, reserve the right to step in from time to time and play your Sidekick for you if the story calls for it. For example, if you send your Sidekick off on a mission and they get kidnapped, the GM might take over from that point in order to preserve the mystery.

If your Sidekick dies, you must spend the rest of that gaming session and the next two sessions in mourning. After that time has passed, you may, at the beginning of the third session, respectfully announce that you have found a new Sidekick, a different person who has nearly the same abilities (with some leeway if the GM permits) and a variation on the same costume. For the sake of role-play, this new Sidekick might behave as if they were less loyal or less dedicated to your cause because of the death of the previous Sidekick, but you can play them basically the same as the old Sidekick.


Enhancement: Sidekick Reincarnation

Cost: 3CP

If your Sidekick dies, instead of replacing them with exactly the same character, for a one-time fee of 3CPs, you can redesign a new Sidekick with the same number of levels and Character Points as the last one.  This Sidekick is a new person with a new history, but takes on the persona of the old one.

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