Rock People

Rock People are usually from deep below the Earth, and evolved or were created out of stone itself. They are much bigger, tougher, and stronger than humans. They only rarely visit the “surface world,” but when they do, they stand out like giant, granite thumbs.

Type: Humanoid.

Physical Description: Rock People are a good 2′ taller than the average human. Their skin can have a range of tones, all of them corresponding to a kind of stone: granite grey, limestone green, rippled marble, etc. Rock People’s eyes have no pupils, and instead have solid-coloured eyes that are a few shades darker than their skin.

Size: Large.

Height/Weight: Rock People are about a half-a-head taller than the average human, and they weigh about 3000lbs on average.

Speed: 20 feet hustle. They’re strong, but slow.

Ability Scores: Rock People are extremely strong and very tough, but not necessarily off-putting or stupid.

  • Strength +10
  • Constitution +4


Starting Occupation: Rock People who are from a community of Rock People will have an occupation from that community. Their Wealth is based on currency and objects of trade from that community, mostly various kinds of stone, however, so their Occupation’s Wealth Bonus is halved at character creation.

Damage Reduction: DR 5, limitation: Density Increase (x6 to weight).

Natural Armour: +5 to Defence.

Knockback: Rock People provoke Knockback automatically, even if their Strength scores are not Super.

Pressure Adaptation (Vacuum Adaptation): Base Powers.

Rock People can effectively survive in space or at great ocean depths ’cause, like, they’re made of rock.

Skills: +5 to all Knowledge or Craft checks relating to stone, rock, or geology. They know this intuitively and through experience, but not necessarily as scientific knowledge.

Feats:  Combat Martial Arts, Improved Unarmed Damage x3 (1d8 damage).

Level Adjustment: +4

CP Cost: 40CP

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