Rewards (or This Ain’t D&D)

Never forget that Phoenix is not a fantasy battle system. You should not expect to be rewarded with fabulous wealth and new toys at the end of the every encounter. Superhero stories just don’t work that way.

Instead, you get XP and eventually Character Points to buy new powers, and of course you get to be a Big Damn Hero. If you find super Devices or you are materially rewarded in some other way, it will be unusual and ought to be the in-game result of spending CPs. Equipment, money, and “items” are just not part of the reward system in this game.

If you think about it, superheroes generally don’t act out of a desire to be rewarded. Although exceptions exist, the vast majority are driven by their own moral code or an event that shaped their personalities, which is why we just spent a whole page talking about the genre itself and the MPI model. Try not to think of Phoenix as a game that’s about material rewards for the characters, but instead about having fun as players.

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