Energy Resistance [power]

Cost: 2CP per rank (Resistance 10)
Activate: free; free action
Range: self

Every rank in this power grants 10 points of Resistance which you can distribute as you like: Resistance 10 vs. one energy type, Resistance 2 against all types, or any other configuration you can think of. You can come up with any explanation you like for why you have Resistance, from energy-negating fields to a suit of fortified Power Armour. There are five energy types:

  • chemical
  • cold
  • electricity
  • heat
  • sonic


Energy Resistance is a power, and it is always on, so it is vulnerable to the metapowers.



NB: Some power’s are listed as costing X per “base rank.” This refers to the number of ranks you have in the base power, not in the enhancement.


Enhancement: Automatic Active Resistance
Cost: 3CP
Prerequisite: Active Resistance (Limitation)

In addition to activating consciously, your Active Resistance activates automatically, immediately after you take damage for the first time in a particular combat scene. It also remains on after you are struck unconscious and stays on until you run out of PPs. It shuts off if you actually die.


: Energy Absorption
Cost: 1CP per rank (2HPs)
Activate: free; always on

For every rank in this power, you can transform 2HPs of Resisted damage into 1PP.


Enhancement: Energy Revitalisation
Cost: 2CP per rank (2HPs)
Activate: 2PPs; use-activated (taking damage)

For every rank in this power, you can transform 2HPs of Resistance damage into 1HP of healing

Enhancement: Extend Resistance
Cost: 3CP per rank
Activate: 1PP; standard action
Sustain: per round/minute; free action
Range: Touch
Save: Will negates, Wisdom-based (harmless)

You can now imbue your Resistance onto a single, medium-sized subject with a touch. You must maintain contact with the subject for the enhancement to work, but they can touch you to free up your hands. You can take this enhancement twice. The second rank grants the ability to extend Resistance to a second person.

Enhancement: Super Resistance
Cost: 1CP per base rank

Your Resistance now blocks super energy as well as mundane energy.



Limitation: Active Resistance
Activate: 1PP per base rank; swift action
Sustain: per round; free action
Value: 1CP per base rank

You must activate your Resistance consciously. If you are rendered unconscious, it deactivates.


Limitation: Density Increase

Value:  2CP per base rank

Your Resistance is the result of an increase to your body’s density, which makes you physically harder. Your Dexterity and Strength are unaffected by your increased density because your muscles increase in density as well, but the more dense your body is, the more you weigh.  For every 10 Resistance, add x2 to your weight. Because increasing your weight has many, many in-game effects (slowing down cars, destroying chairs and seats, destroying anything that’s under you if you fall, etc.), you must ask special permission from the GM to take this limitation.

Density Increase
DR Weight
1 – 10 x2
11 – 20 x3
21 – 30 x4
31 – 40 x5
41 – 50 x6


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