Regeneration [power]


Cost: 1CP per rank (1HP per round)
Activation: 1pp per round per rank (By CL); free
Range: self

For every rank in this power, you heal 1HP per round in which you carry damage. This healing functions just like natural healing, only faster. It includes non-lethal damage (and remember that 1 point of healing always counts towards lethal and non-lethal damage). It does not healing lost HPs from starvation, thirst, or suffocation, and it does not allow you to regrow lost body parts or to reattach lost body parts. It continues to work into negative HPs, but not once you’ve died.


Enhancement: Ability Regen
Cost: 4CP per rank

For every rank in this power, your recover lost ability points at an accelerated rate (see table, below).

Ability Regeneration
Cost Recovery Speed
2CP 1 point per 12 hours
4CP 1 point per 6 hours
6CP 1 point per 4 hours
8CP 1 point per 2 hours
10CP 1 point per hour

NB: This enhancement is a power and thus vulnerable to metapowers.


Enhancement: Cling to Life
Cost: 6CP

There is no lower limit to your HPs. You keep regenerating, at your maximum rate, even after you die. When you regain consciousness (usually at 0HPs), you have no PPs left, but you are, for all intents and purposes, in good health.

Your body keeps healing as long as your head is attached to your body and your body is whole. As unpalatable as it is to contemplate, your body cannot regenerate if it is cremated, disintegrated, dissolved, puréed, or chopped into tiny pieces.

While you are “dead” (usually when you’re below -10HPs) you are have no brain activity, no heart beat, no pulse, etc. Even to a trained eye, you are dead. However, very close, medical inspection reveals that your cells are regenerating at a fantastic rate.


Enhancement: Purification
Cost: 4CP

You take only half damage (or other effects) from drugs, poisons, and diseases. In the case of diseases, you can make two Fortitude saves per day to avoid the effects of the disease. You never suffer permanent Ability Drain as a result of a poisons, drugs, or diseases.


Limitation: Vulnerability

Value: +1cp per 4 ranks (i.e., 25% off the base power)

You must also pick two kinds of damage from the list below. They cause your Regeneration to stop functioning for one round after you take the damage.

  • an energy type: heat, cold, sonic, acidic, electrical
  • an attack type: piercing, slashing, blunt, ballistic
  • a common substance: wood, iron (including steel), lead (i.e., bullets), stone

You may ask your GM to substitute a different kind of damage, but she is under no obligation to allow it.

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