Full Name: Jose Gonzalez

Appearance: Rage and Fury (Jose and Jaime) are both burly lads, with great strapping chests that look like bags full of bowling balls. When Fury was alive, they dressed in fighting trunks, lace-up shoes and made a show of tag-team fighting, but since Rage was left on his own, he has fallen back on a more subdued combination of jeans and a red T-shirt with the duo’s old red fist logo. When he’s especially mad, he rips the shirt off.

Personality/History: Rage and Fury were twin brothers, born with the same powers. They used to be a somewhat hot-headed by loveable “dynamic duo,” who made a show of being angry at villains but always with a chuckle and a wink. When Fury was killed by a supervillain, Rage was left alone. He now rides a fine line between hero and bully. He spends most of his time on the side of the angels, but even his friends worry about letting him loose.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Power Theme: Rage and his brother were born with their powers, and although they don’t have a theme per se, the two brothers built their personae as “fightin’ mad” heroes. That anger wasn’t real, of course, until Fury’s death.

Combat/Tactics: As his name suggests, Rage tends to bound into fights, counting on his strength and ferocity to see him through. Although he is a skilled fighter, from years of practise with Fury, you’d never tell from the way he barrels in to every confrontation. Since Fury died, Rage started carrying an over-sized axe. So far, he uses it only on those villains that he knows can’t be seriously injured by it.


Class Sidekick 4 / Martial Artist 1
Species Human
Ethnicity Mexican
Nationality Mexican
ECL 4 (5 levels + 51cp)
Hit Dice 5d6 (44hp)
Mass. Damage 50hp
Initiative +3
Speed 30 ft.
Defence  23 (Dex +3, Natural Defence +5),
Touch 23, Flat-Footed 15
Knockback 15 (Boosted 20)
Base Attack +4
Unarmed +13 (1d6 +9 super)
War Axe +13 (1d12 +9 super)
Sneak Attack +1d6
Ability Scores Str 18 +4, Dex 14 +2, Con 16 +3, Int 12 +1, Wis 10, Cha 10
Boosted: Str 28 +9, Dex 24 +7, Con 26 +8
Size/Reach Medium / 5 ft.
Allegiance none currently (formerly “Rage and Fury”)
Saves  Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +3
Boosted: Fort +9, Ref +12
Action Points 5
Reputation +1
Occupation Celebrity
Skills 127
Bluff +10 (rnk 8), Climb +12 (rnk 8), Diplomacy +2 (rnk 0), Disguise +2 (rnk 0), Drive +10 (rnk 8), Escape Artist +10 (rnk  8), Gamble +2 (rnk 0), Gather Info +10 (rnk 8), Intimidate  +10 (rnk 8), Jump +14 (rnk 8), Kn: Popular Culture  +9 (rnk 8), Observe +8 (rnk 8), Perform +8 (rnk 8), Repair +5 (rnk 4), Ride +4 (rnk 0), Search +9 (rnk 8), Sense Motive +8 (rnk 8), Sleight of Hand +12 (rnk 8), Stealth +10 (rnk  8), Survival +0 (tracking +2) (rnk 0), Swim +12 (rnk 8), Treat Injury +8 (rnk 8), Tumble +12 (rnk 8), Use Rope +9 (bindings +2) (rnk 7),
Feats Brawl, Improved Grapple, Defensive Martial Arts, Combat Throw, Skill Aptitude (intimidate, use rope),
Proficiencies Armour, Weapons (mêlée, ranged)
Power Die d6 (18pp)
Origin Biological (mutant)
Powers 51cp
Ability Boost Physical rnk 10 (+10) 20CP
Natural Armour rnk 5 (Natural +5) 10CP
Feat x2 4cp
Skill Points x17 (68 points) 17cp
Special Abilities Combat Martial Arts, Improved Unarmed Damage, Cooperative Attack, Improved Flanking I, Armour of Obscurity, Sneak Attack  I, Heroic Intervention, Bonus Feat
Equipment War Axe


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