Quick Change

Cost: 1cp per rank

You can change from street clothes to your superhero costume much faster than normal. This Ad is usually the result of sheer quickness and/or years of practice (doing drills at home with a stop-watch in your shower).┬áIt can also be a fantastic effect: supertech armour teleporting from a remote location, a magic ring that expands into wizard’s robes, or a lightning bolt that strikes you and reveals your spandex tights. If it’s a fantastic effect, then its origin matches (one of) your own, and it is vulnerable to the metapowers.

Rank 1 (1CP): It takes you only 1 round to reveal your superhero costume, or two rounds to change from street clothes to your costume.

Rank 2 (2CP): It takes only a single standard action to reveal your costume, or a full-round action to change from street clothes to your costume.

Normal: Revealing a set of tights takes 2 rounds and changing from one set of clothes to another takes 4.

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