Psionic Manifestation [power]

Cost: 7CP per psi-power level
Prerequisite: Psionic Origin
Activate: 3PPs per psi-power level; use-activated (manifestation)
Range: varies
Save: as Psi-Power

This power grants you the ability to manifest psi-powers. Every rank in this power grants two things: a) access to one level of psi-powers (see the Psi-Power List), and b) you learn, and thus can manifest, 5 psi-powers off of that list. The base power grants access to 1st-level psi-powers, and every subsequent rank in the power grants access to the next level of psi-powers. The origin of Psionic Manifestation is always psionic. Your origin, or one of your origins, must be psionic for you to take this power.

You can, at will, manifest any psi-power to which you have access, as long as you have PP to spend and the psi-power’s components, regardless of sleep or lack thereof.

You must spend 30 minutes a day preparing your mind and soul for the act of manifesting for the next 24 hours. This can be time spent in prayer, meditation, or study. This 30 minutes can be at any time of day but it must be a consistent, specific time of day, like dusk or 4:20. Your  manifesting can be disrupted, as per standard rules, and it does provoke attacks of opportunity. Manifesting times are written into the psi-power descriptions.

Use your Charisma score to determine your psi-power’s saving throws and your maximum manifester level. To take the base version of this power, you need at least a 10 in the appropriate ability score and the enhancements require even higher scores (as noted in their prerequisites), but they follow a standard formula. Your ability score must equal the level of the psi-power + 10. Therefore, to manifest a 7th-level psi-power requires an attribute of 17 or more.

Your effective manifesting level equals the maximum level you can manifest multiplied by two. Therefore, if you can manifest 5th-level psi-powers, then your effective manifesting level is 10. If you can manifest only 3rd-level psi-powers, then your effective manifesting level is 6. Thus your manifesting level is not, in fact, linked to your character level in any way.

Finally, this power grants the ability to activate psi-power-triggered items like dorjes and psicrowns. You have access to the mentalist spell lists. Your Manifester Level equals your highest spell-casting level multiplied by 2.


Enhancement: Increase Manifester Level
Cost: 5CP

For every rank in this enhancement, your manifester level increases by 1. You can take a number of ranks in this enhancement equal to your CL. Its effect stacks.


Enhancement: Psi-Power
Cost: 1CP per rank (psi-power level)

This enhancement allows you to learn a new psi-power of your choosing. You can select any psi-power off the mentalist psi-power list. Spells cost 1CP per level, so Energy Burst would cost 3CP because it’s a 3rd-level psi-power.

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