(Wis, Use Untrained)

You use this skill to determine how much, if at all, your Wealth score increases when you level up. This happens in two steps. Note, though, that you allocate your Skill points for having just gained a level before you perform these two checks, so you can potentially increase your Profession bonus just before you roll it.

First, you roll a Profession check, and the DC equals your Wealth score. If you meet the DC, you get a +1 to your Wealth. You get another +1 for every 5 points by which you exceed the DC.

Second, increase your Wealth score if you have ranks in Profession: +1 Wealth for 1 rank, and an another +1 for every 5 ranks.

Wealth Check Wealth Increase
DC +1
DC +5 +2
DC +10 +3
DC +15 +4
DC +20 +5
DC +25 +6
etc. etc.
Ranks inĀ Profession Wealth Increase
1 +1
5 +2
10 +3
15 +4
20 +5
25 +6
etc. etc.
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