“Powers” are the word for anything in Phoenix that has an extranormal or supernatural effect. These pages detail all rules related to powers, starting with how they’re organized and ending with optional rules. The Powers Table makes up the bulk of this material, and it’s available below as well as in the Tables menu, to the right.



“F/X” refers powers that have set Origins: mysticism, psionics, and supertech. (The word comes form the theatre and film: “F/X” sounds like “effects.”)



This category of abilities includes all spells, making no differentiation between “arcane” and “divine,” which is why it’s all just called “mystical.”



This category of abilities includes all psi-powers (renamed to avoid confusion with superpowers).



These posts describe exactly how Supertech Inventions work and contain a list of of weapon/armour special abilities that you can use with the Invent feats.

Supertech Inventions are essentially the magic items of the superhero world, but that they are not the same as theoretically possible but highly improbable or implausible superhero tools. Grapple-guns for example are kinda sorta plausible in the real world, but a web-shooter isn’t, even though they accomplish a very similar task. Of course, web-shooters could be invented any minute now.

With technological innovation always on the increase, the line between the plausible and the Super is blurry. For the game purposes, Supertech Inventions replicate actual, written powers, whereas a mastercraft tool might just serve a similar purpose. A grapple-gun, for example, might have the same utility as Webbing, but it doesn’t actually have the same in-game numeric values and rules.