Powerless and Ordinary


In Phoenix, there are two kinds of NPCs that don’t follow the standard rules: the Powerless and the Ordinary. Powerless NPCs are exactly what their names imply: Phoenix characters who have no powers. Ordinary NPCs are on step lower: they use the Base classes from d20 Modern.


These characters use all the same rules as superheroes and villains: the same classes, skills, feats, powers, and comps. However, there don’t have access to Character Points. All else remains the same. Powerless NPCs are most appropriate for mundane villains and heroes, such as common criminals or the police who chase them. A gang member, a beat cop, a professional mugger, and a private detective would all appropriately be Powerless.



These characters areĀ unchanged from d20 Modern:

  • their stats are 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 (arrange to taste)
  • their first-level HPs are not maxed
  • they do not have action points
  • they can take only the Base classes from d20 Modern
  • they do not gain any Class Features

Ordinaries are most appropriate as everyday people who don’t engage in life-or-death situations. They can go their entire lives without throwing a punch or dodging a bullet, and they’re quite happy about that, thank you very much.

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