(Int, Trained Only)

Use this skill to identify powers that you observe being activated and to determine your knowledge of how they work. Identifying a power requires a standard action and a skill check (DC = 10 + the Base Cost of the power). You can identify powers either at the time they are activated or while they’re being sustained. If you have the power Supertech Invention, you can also identify powers that are loaded into Super Gear (Doohickies, Superchemicals, Ray Guns, and Gizmos).

You can also just rummage around inside your head for the answers to questions about powers and how they work. Answering a question that could be answered through general knowledge is DC 10 (i.e., watching the news, surfing the web, hearing stories form people you know, etc.), a more specialized but still fairly basic question is DC 15 (i.e., looking something up on purpose, paying specific attention to the news), and for extremely difficult or obscure questions are DC 20 to 30 (i.e., you’d need access to specific information sources in the news, academic research, or the scientific community).

Finally, you must roll a Powercraft check in order to build Supertech devices. The DC varies based on what kind of Device you attempt to build (see the Invent feats).

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