Power Table

This table lists the basic features of all powers and links to the individual power descriptions. For a fuller explanation of  what all these numbers refer to, see Power Descriptors.

The CP Costs in the table below are either listed as per rank (e.g., “5CP/R”) or as the base cost of the power before enhancements or upgrades.

The Activate column lists a PP cost, which is per rank by default, and an activation time, which is a set action type (i.e., full-round, standard, move, swift, free). “Free” or “trait” indicates a power with no PP cost. “By CL” means that the power’s cost is based partially on your Character Levels.

The Sustain column lists additional information about sustaining the power, if applicable. The format is similar. It indicates how long the power lasts for every fresh activation (i.e., a unit of time), and it lists the action type needed to re-activate the power. The PP cost of sustaining an action is always the same as the cost to activate. Sustain times with a slash mark indicate a power that has a different sustain cost in combat than out of combat (e.g., “round/minute” indicates a cost per round in combat, and a cost per minute out of combat). Traits have no activation or sustain costs.

The Standard Save DCs for powers are 10 + half your level + ability modifier.

Powers marked with a T are traits, M denotes metapowers, and I marks items.



CP Cost Activate Sustain Description
Ability Boost varies by mode per round/minute temporary increases to your ability scores
Ability Enhancement 2cp/rank n/a free; free permanent +1 to one ability score
Alter Appearance 5cp base 1PP; full-round per hour; swift +10 bonus to Disguise checks
Amazing AccuracyT 2cp/rank trait trait permanent +1 bonus to ranged attack
Amazing Combat SkillT 5cp/rank trait trait permanent +1 bonus to your Base Attack
Amazing Defence 1cp/rank 1PP; use-activated per round; free permanent +1 enhancement bonus to Defence
Amazing DeflectionT 2cp/rank trait trait permanent +1 deflection bonus
Amazing DiplomacyT 1cp/rank trait trait permanent +2 bonus to Diplomacy
Amazing DodgeT 2cp/rank trait trait permanent +1 dodge bonus
Amazing FightingT 2cp/rank trait trait permanent +1 mêlée attack bonus
Amazing InitiativeT 1cp/rank trait trait permanent +1 to Initiative
Amazing LeapT 1cp base trait trait permanent +10 to Jump
Amazing ScrutinyT 1cp/rank trait trait permanent +2 to Sense Motive
Amazing SwimmingT 2cp/rank trait trait Swim speed 5 ft., permanent +1 to Swim
AmphibiousT 3cp base trait trait breath under water
Animal AffinityT 3cp base trait trait normal animals do not attack you
Animal Form 6cp base 1PP; full-round per round/hour turn into a beast of nature
AppendagesT 3cp base trait trait extra limbs, like arms, tails, or even prehensile hair
CatfallT 2cp/rank trait trait ignore 50 feet of falling damage
Cause Blindness 8cp base 1PP; use-activated n/a an attack that can cause blindness
Cause Confusion 10cp base 2PP; use-activated n/a an attack that can cause confusion
Cause Deafness 6cp base 1PP; use-activated n/a an attack that can cause deafness
Cause Earthquake 12cp base 2PP; full-round full-round the earth trembles at your will
Cause Fear 6cp base 1PP; use-activated n/a an attack that can cause fear
Cause Pain 6cp base 1PP; use-activated n/a an attack that can cause pain
Cause Pleasure 6cp base 1PP; use-activated n/a an attack that can cause pleasure
Cause Unconsciousness 12cp base 2PP; use-activated n/a an attack that can cause sleep
Charismatic Aura 5cp base 1pp; varies per round; free charm, intimidate, or frighten by your presence
Damage Reduction 2cp/rank n/a n/a you have a permanent, inherent DR score
Danger SenseT 3cp base n/a n/a you cannot be caught flat-footed
Dominate Animals 8cp base 1PP; full-round per round; free control animals in a 300ft radius
Duplicate Self 8cp/rank 2PP per Dupe; standard per round/minute; free make a perfect genetic copy of yourself
Energy Attack varies by mode by mode generate damaging energy with your body
Energy Resistance 2cp/rank none; use-activated n/a Resistance 5 against one energy type
Esoteric ItemI varies n/a n/a an item with enhancements
Flight varies free; use-activated free; free fly like an eagle or an F-14
Force Field 6cp base 2PP; move action per round/hour; free generate solid energy bubbles
GadgetI varies n/a n/a a device that generates a single power
Gremlinism 8cp base 1PP; standard n/a break machines with a look
Healing Touch 1cp/rank 1PP per d6; use-activated n/a you can instantly heal injury with a touch
Iconic ItemI varies n/a n/a a single item that manifests all of your powers
Invisibility 10cp base 1pp; full-round per round/minute; free disappear from sight
Life Leech 3cp/rank 2PP per d6; use-activated n/a drain the HPs of your opponents
Liquid Form 12cp base 1pp; move per round/hour; free transform into water
LongevityT 1cp/rank trait trait live beyond your years
Metamorph 3cp base 2pp; full-round per round/hour; free you can change into objects and machines
Mighty LiftingT 2cp/rank trait trait increase your carrying capacity
Mystic Spellcasting 8cp/rank 3PP per level; use-activated n/a cast mystical spells
Natural ArmourT 2cp/rank trait trait natural bonus to Defence
Natural WeaponsT varies trait trait a body-mounted weapon
Need Not BreatheT 4cp base trait trait you don’t need to breathe
Need Not EatT 1cp base trait trait you don’t need to eat
Need Not SleepT 2cp base trait trait you don’t need to sleep
Penetrating Vision 8cp base 1PP; move per round/minute; move see through solid objects
Phase 12cp base 1pp; standard per round/minute make yourself immaterial
Photographic Muscle Memory 1cp/rank 1PP per CP; special special mimic physical abilities that you observe
Power AbsorptionM 12cp base 1PP; use-activated per round (special) steal others’ powers
Power ArmourI 10cp base n/a n/a a suit of armour made of Gadgets
Power DetectionM 5cp base 1PP; move per minute; special sense others’ powers
Power DuplicationM 5cp base 1PP; use-activated per round (special); free copy others’ powers
Power LeechM 2cp/rank by mode special steal others’ power points
Power NullificationM 5cp base 1PP; use-activated per round (special); free cancel others’ powers
Power ResistanceM 8cp base none; use-activated n/a you can ignore some powers
Possession 8cp base 1PP; standard action per round/hour; free project yourself into others’ bodies
Pressure AdaptationT 2cp/rank trait trait survive the ocean depths
Probability Manipulation 8cp base 1PP per +1; use-activated n/a alter random events
Psionic Manifestation 7cp/rank 4PP per level; use-activated n/a manifest psionic powers
Regeneration varies free; use-activated free; free regenerate HPs at accelerated rate
Repairing Touch 1cp/rank 1PP per d6; standard n/a you can instantly repair machines by touching them
Shadow Affinity 2cp/rank none; use-activated per round; free meld into shadows
Size Shift special 1PP per size; full-round per round/hour; free go big or go small
Space AdaptationT 2cp base trait trait survive in space, space I tells ya!
Stretching 1cp/rank none; use-activated n/a stretch your limbs and body
Summon Creature 2cp/rank 2PP per rank; full-round n/a create powerful allies who fight for you
Summon Object 8cp 1pp; full-round n/a summon objects to your hands
Super Senses 3cp/rank free; free free super-acute senses
Super Speed varies free; use-activated use-activated run really, really fast
Super VehicleI 4cp free; use-activated use-activated drive, sail, or fly in your own super-mobile
Supertech Invention varies as power as power create Supertech devices
Surface Adhesion 3cp base none; use-activated use-activated become a wall-crawler
Technopathy 5cp base 1PP; move per round/hour; move mentally connect with computers
Telekinesis 4cp/rank 1pp; standard per round/hour; varies move objects with your mind
Telepathy 8cp base 1PP; move action per round/hour; varies you can communicate mentally
Teleport varies 1PP; full-round full-round instantaneous transportation
Temport 5cp base 1PP per hour; full-round n/a travel in time, forward and back
Turn Undead 5cp base 1PP; use-activated n/a repel creatures of the night
Weather Mastery 3cp/rank 1PP per 10º; standard per round/minute; standard summon fog, rain, snow, and mighty winds
Webbing 4cp base 1PP per 50 ft.; standard n/a spin a web, any size!
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