Power Subtypes

“Powers” refers all fantastic abilities, regardless of their in-game explanation. All powers have an “Origin,” a narrative explanation of where they come from. There is one standard form of powers and five sub-types.

Standard powers are in your body in some way, and they either enhance the way that your body works, giving you strength or insight for example, or they manifest something in the world outside of your body such as an energy effect. Standard powers can have any Origin.

Traits are powers that are so intimate to how your body works that there’s no way to separate them from you or negate their effects. Traits always enhance your body’s natural abilities rather than producing effects outside of your body.

Metapowers are powers that affect or interact with other powers. They include Power Absorption (steal someone’s powers) Power Detection (sense powers near you), Power Duplication (copy someone’s powers), Power Leech (take someone’s power points) Power Nullification (keep someone from using their own powers) and Power Resistance (ignore some of the effectiveness of powers aimed at you).

Items are objects or devices that can manifest powers. You can buy items as powers: GadgetsPower ArmourEsoteric Items, and Iconic Items. You can also build them yourself using the Craft/Invent feats, in which case they can be mystical, psionic, or supertech. Finally, you can make temporary supertech items using the Supertech Invention power.

Spells and Psi-powers are available as Mystic Spellcasting and Psionic Manifestation, respectively.

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