Power Stretch


Every power has a standard use, expressed in terms of rules and stats. However, it’s also possible to “stretch” your powers in order to do things not listed in the textPower Stretching costs 1 Action Point, and your GM has final say on whether or not your Power Stretch works, whether there is a check (using a skill, an attack, etc.) or any other special circumstances involved in your particular attempt to stretch your power beyond its normal use. There might also be a PP cost associated with the stretch―doubling the Activate cost for example―or just a flat PP cost decided by the GM. For example, a character with super strength might want to clap his hands loudly enough to deafen opponents. Such an action would (a) require a PP cost equivalent to a similar kind of attack (Energy Attack: Sonic, for example), and (b) would have a saving throw associated with it. A more directed effect might have an attack roll attached.

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