Power Resistance [metapower]


Cost: 2cp per rank (PR5)
Activate: 1pp per rank (By CL); use-activated (targeted by a power)

For every rank in this power, you ignore 5CPs worth of any power that targets you, but from only one Origin: bio, cosmic, mystical, psionic, or supertech. The power applies to anything of that origin, including items/devices, spells, psi-powers, and any other power-like abilities. Start with enhancements, least expensive first, and then ranks in the base power.

Although the power is “always on,” the activation cost applies only when you Resist an incoming attack. The cost is By CL, though, so you get a number of ranks equal to half your level for free.

You can take this power multiple times. Each time, it grants 5CPs worth of protection to one Origin of your choosing.


Enhancement: Imbue PR
Cost: 3CP
Activate: 1PPs per person; swift action
Range: touch (special)

You can now temporarily give you PR to another person. You must maintain physical contact with the person to maintain the effect. While that person is protected, you are not.


Enhancement: Power Reflection
Cost: 1CP per rank in the base power
Activate: 1pp; use-activated (attack)

When you successfully Resist a power effect, it instantly bounces back towards whoever created it. Resolve this reflection in the attacker’s turn and as if you had that power. For example, to Reflect a Ranged Energy Attack, use the damage of the power but your own ranged attack bonus.


Limitation: Active Resistance
Value: 1CP per rank
Activate: 1pp per round per rank (By CL); free

You have to actively turn on your Power Resistance and pay for it, round by round. Each round, you pay the By CL cost (i.e., a number of ranks equal to half your level is free). You do not have to pay per attack.

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